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Origin of BECOS

Among the Made in Japan items handcrafted by craftsmen, we named it "BECOS" with the meaning of "BEautiful Crafts Online Store".

The real thing is the worst when done

Since ancient times, Japanese people have had the idea of using good things for a long time and increasing their value.

However, now around us we are flooded with cheaply mass-produced products overseas, and many of these products will deteriorate with peak value at the time of purchase.

Use properly depending on the scene

There are many scenes where such consumables are useful, but their values have changed, and so many people are not satisfied.

"I want to use items that are different from people" "I want to select first-class products as gifts for loved ones" "I want items that can be carried along with memories from parents to children"

The time spent with "a real thing different from usual" is not enough for us living in the present age.

What BECOS wants to offer to the world

BECOS believes that “we want to make your lifestyle mentally rich through things that are attached to the more you use and are increasing in value.”

BECOS is not just recommending items, but I also want to deliver good products, the feelings of the creators, and sometimes even the suffering of the craftsmen.

Enjoy the real thing

Buyers go to the workshop, interact with the craftsman, actually take the product in hand, and publish carefully selected products on BECOS.

It may not be efficient, but we think it is necessary.

BECOS will never forget the respect and gratitude to all the Japanese creators who sympathize with and cooperate with us. BECOS will continue to create an inspiring experience for our customers.