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Products of BECOS are handmade one by one craftsmen carefully, so sometimes the size and coloring may differ slightly depending on the product. Because it is the real pleasure of handmade goods, please enjoy only one item of yourself, only one in the world.

Types of pottery

There are two kinds of pottery, mainly porcelain (stone) and pottery (earth).
The porcelain is characterized by the stone powder being the raw material, it is characterized by a clear high sound when struck, the pottery is raw material for the fiscal year, and a dull sound is produced when you strike the pottery.
In addition, we can distinguish between "color" and "texture" of "hill" which is the foundation of the vessel.
Porcelain is the one with high ground and smooth texture.Even if the hill is other than white and the hill is white, the rough texture is pottery.

In order to use the instrument forever

About porcelain

There are many things that correspond to microwave oven and dishwasher, but it is weak against sudden temperature change, excessive rapid heating, quenching, use in oven or direct fire will cause cracks and breakage. Do not immerse warm dishes in water, put cold dishes in a heated oven, or sudden temperature changes.

About pottery

ottery is a high quality water-absorbent material. Therefore, if you soak in water or lukewarm water before use to contain moisture in advance, it will be hard to absorb the juice and oil of the dish, smell and spot traces will be difficult to remain. Also, please do not soak in soiled water or immerse for a long time. After use, please remove dirt early, after washing with kitchen detergent etc., please dry well before storing.

The pottery uses rough soil, so the surface is somewhat rough. Because we may damage the table, please use luncheon mat etc.

About Kannyu

There is a case that cracks are generated on the surface called "Kannyu" in pottery. This is caused by the difference in the expansion coefficient of the base and glaze, but there is no problem in use. As a beautiful feature unique to pottery, please use it with confidence as it is enjoyed especially at the time of appreciation.

About care

Avoid using dishwasher and dryer, please wash with a soft sponge.