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  1. Onigawara Iemori

    Since ancient times in Japan, Orge mask has been installed on the roof as an "amulet" to protect homes and families.This is the world's first Orge mask to be used indoors.

  2. Soekyu-seitosyo

    I stick to traditional blue coloring and continue my work. It is a workshop that walks with a couple with two pairs of legs, whose father shapes and mother paints.

  3. sara-la

    It is the finest Imabari towel that the towel sommelier selected and created the finest materials and craftsmen.


    It is a necktie made in Japan factory using Japanese silk luxuriously. A necktie made up of generous labor of craftsmen will attractively change men.

  5. Kakinuma Dolls

    A traditional craftsmen who continues a new challenge, such as photo frame · tray · lucky cat, using traditional Edo kimikome technology. "KIMEKOMI" to the world

  6. Indigo Kesennuma

    Because mothers who grow small children, from that point of view, we continue to make indigo dyed products that are also gentle to children's skin.

  7. i-tsu-tsu

    We are promoting Japanese traditional culture, including Shogi, based on our conviction that “Traditional Japanese culture full of joy and surprise is close to children all over the world”.

  8. Wajimanuri Studio RAKU

    A workshop run by parents and children in Wajima, Japan's largest lacquered area. KOKEMUSU, which can be used in a dry environment, is the ultimate lacquer paint that you want to get in your life once.


    IKEHIKO, which carries out all the processes by themselves, from the cultivation and processing of the raw material of tatami mats, it is possible to make the finest tatami products using luxury Japanese grass.

  10. SC&SC

    The World's First Carbon Pot. Rice can be cooked in 15 minutes, Excellent Thermal Conductivity and Far Infrared Effect

  11. Kobayashi Buddhist Altar

    The DNA for the challenge inherited from my father. The fourth generation "Kiyo" has developed a Sake cup that combines lacquer and metallic radiance with the beauty of the wood grain.


    The founder of "Fukui Seven Craftman Samurai", a producer of local production that tries to revive traditional crafts and local industries. The "Sabae Mimi Kaki" received the "Good Design Award".

  13. EMPEX

    Continue to make the world's highest precision thermometer and hygrometer. In addition, Japan is the only craftman group EMPEX that can produce barometer in Japan.

  14. Ominato Bunkichi Shoten

    With its collaboration with Ultraman, a famous anime in Japan, its technical capabilities beyond 100 years since its establishment have been highly valued.


    It is our Tsugaru Vidro that each person manufactures while holding the pride of a craftsman. Please enjoy Tsugarshi Iro who expressed the four seasons of Japan.

  16. Kaitakudo Art

    Kaitakudo Art has developed a simple modern hanging scroll that can be decorated in Western style as art and interior, with designers and writers. We are trying to evolve traditional hanging scrolls as art.

  17. SANAX

    It fits perfectly to the foot, it is less tired, the slipper that natural walking is possible without skeleton and muscle distortion is born. Please try experiencing "an exceptional fit of the moment you wore."


    The only one in the world, a wallet made in Japan using Matsuzaka cattle leather "SATOLI" it is exhausted as a craftsman when it can be loved forever.

  19. VEDUTA

    BECOS original kimono · Yukata brand, made with the concept of "easy to wear"can not be collapsed"can wash at home"modern design"easy for foreigners to wear" concept.


    The newly developed "OMOIHAKO" becomes an elegant cabinet if you open the elegant doors to the right and left, and it will be a storage box to protect things inside carefully by closing the door perfectly.

  21. Ooiri

    Yachiyo Tsuzuri can inherit the important memories of the family photos for generations. Why do not you give "Yachiyo Tsuzuri" to those who care about when you want to embrace the feelings of "forever"?

  22. Tadayasu

    The overwhelming presence of bottle armor covered in bottles of wine and sake as a souvenir as a lucky item is very pleasing as a souvenir to VIP.


    It is an art panel where the skill of Kyoto's Scion craftsmen and the sensitivity of the designer of Paris blend together. It is a modern design that blends into the modern lifestyle.

  24. 2016/

    In 2016, it is a memorable year when Arita-yaki celebrated its 400th anniversary. So 2016 / series made from collecting designers from all over the world.

  25. ORI-ZARA

    Nishijin weaving popular as a kimono belt, it is a novelty product that makes it a plate. When the plate hits the light, you can enjoy the features of Nishijin weaving shining brightly.

  26. Asakura Senpu

    We have made a wrapping cloth that combines cutting-edge ultra water repellent finish and functionality. It is a wrapping cloth which can be utilized in outdoor.

  27. Hakuichi

    Innovation, modernity, top runner of Japanese traditional craft industry which does not unlikely other. It is a masterpiece of traditional Japanese crafts proud of the world.

  28. kiki

    Buddhist altar sculpture craftsmen with technology enough to create imperial deliverables made accessories. The wood looks beautiful like to be used up.

  29. Touan

    The characteristic of pottery is its own high fire glaze technology. With its own high fire glaze technology, a pattern like a flower bloom appears.

  30. Marubun

    We have a series of traditional paintings called Imari Imari and 2 series that popularly arrange traditional patterns. A work commemorating 400 years of Arita-yaki.

  31. Nakamura Candle

    We cultivate Japanese · Kyoto candle raw materials, and we do it manually from molding to painting. Even those who are accustomed to gifts will surely be satisfied.


    This is a bow tie combining Takaoka lacquer ware and Nishijin weave technology. Seriously, pianist active in the world, Sergio Baietta worn on stage and became a hot topic.

  33. Yahiro-works

    "KAGASEO Kanzashi" is a commodity suitable for clothes and dress as well as kimono. It is a glittery kanzashi using "Kanazawa Metal Leaf × Odaimaki" technology for "beautiful"adult" women.

  34. Dainichi

    You are deprived of eyes without thinking contrasting bright blue and orange. It is a sunny blue to call it the blue of the blue sky, and the orange which seems extreme also makes a gentle harmony.

  35. Naoto Tsuneki

    It is a work of Naoto Tsuneki, potter who sticks to the coloring of strong oranges. By reducing the amount of smoke in the kiln, we realized a strong orange coloration.

  36. Koichi Fujioka

    Koichi Fujioka, a pottery artist, studied ceramics alone for a period of ten years, continued cropping for solitude, and created works.

  37. Tomi Glass

    This is a work inspired by flower viewing, fireworks, summer festival etc. It is a refreshing and cool dish that faithfully protects the recipe from the Edo period.

  38. Hana Tsubomi

    Yukata which can be worn together with parents and children can continue wearing while tailoring according to the child's growth. Let's go out together with parents and children wearing Kei Yukata.

  39. Kiriken Masayo

    It is a work with a three-dimensional feeling that overturns common sense of Paper Cutting Art. Enjoy the original world of Masayo with overwhelming drawing skills and high cutting skills.

  40. Yoake

    "Does not work as well, so drawing is interesting" Even craftsmen who count 100 years of foundation can not make exactly the same towel with the technique of drawing.

  41. Zuisyo

    It is Zuisho who radiates a sense in Kyoto and Kiyomizu ware. Its characteristic is "purple". It is vivid and intense 'purple'. It is a work you have never seen before challenging innovative color usage.

  42. Kyo Kiwami

    I was fascinated by the depths of Japanese patterns and finally developed it original. Using that Japanese pattern, I developed a Nishijin weave back 'Wagg' that fits both clothes and kimono.

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