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Japanese Sake Set & Cups & Vase | HOKUYO Glass (ADERIA) | Tsugaru Vidro



"There is no completion of technology" We are a craftsman who continues to challenge


  • 1949
  • Tsugaru Vidro



We created Tsugaru Vidro and sublimated it to traditional Japanese crafts

HOKUYO GLASS is a glass workshop with long history in Aomori Prefecture, founded in 1949 as a factory that manufactures floating balls for fishery. At that time, there were other companies that manufacture floating balls, but HOKUYO GLASS 's floating balls are more robust than other companies, received quality assurance that it became the top domestic output in 1973. After that, the mainstream of the floating balls will be changed to resin products, but in 1977 "Tsugaru Vidro" was created by utilizing the technique of "Spray Blowing" cultivated in the manufacture of glass floating balls. After that, craftsmen paid much attention to technology development, and continued to learn self-taught self-taught high proprietary proportions of raw materials that produce beautiful colored glass, and air blown. We constantly strive constantly to new technologies and product development, and now we are certified as Aomori prefecture traditional crafts.



Green glass born from coincidence, Top Secret Raw Material Recipe

Originally we made colorless transparent glass, but when a craftworker added sand of Shichiri Nagahama (Aomori Prefecture) famous as a scenic spot, a wonderful green glass was born. Then the craftsmen will be absorbed in creating new colors. Tsugaru Vidro that was born like that is "handmade glass that feels the Japanese four seasons", glass craftsmen handcrafted a craftsmanship technique. Its characteristics lie in a soft warm color that is born by its own unique formula that is top secret. We use colors of over 100 colors produced by craftsman's longtime intuition and experience such as changing weather and temperature according to the weather and expressing the colors of the four seasons unique to Japan. By combining various color glasses, we express the powerfulness, pleasure and transience of the four seasons to move.

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Tsugaru Vidro continues to evolve with new sensibility

Although many cheap glass products made abroad are imported, we have differentiated by sticking to handicraft at North Glass and aimed at "making glass for enriching our lives". "Being handmade" is not manufacturing permission for goods or compromise, but rather manufacturing with manufacturing that it is in order to explore technology and enhance value. Recently, the number of women's craftsmen has also increased, and product development with new sensibilities such as vases and oil lamps is also progressing, expanding the possibilities of Tsugaru Vidro. It is our Tsugaru Vidro that we manufacture craftworkers who make color, craftsmen who blow glasses, craftworkers to polish and finish, craftsmen who do inspections, each with the pride of a craftsman. Please enjoy the Tsugaru Vidro which expressed the four seasons of Japan.

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