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Leather goods using Japanese Matsusaka cattle leather「SATOLI」


  • 1930
  • Leather goods



Commitment to leather goods cultivated over 80 years in Japan

We founded in Tokyo in 1930. Currently we are proud of Japan's top market share in the wristwatch belt industry. Based on experiences and achievements handling leather goods for a long time, starting production and sale of small leather goods from 2006, using "Matsusaka beef" SATOLI (Satori), including all brands by domestic craftsmen It is a Japanese-made product made up by Mr. Miyuki, who is devoted to manufacturing, making full use of his experience, technology and commitment to leather.



Manufacturer that can handle leather of Matsuzaka beef only in the world

Sticking to each product, sewing carefully carried out by skilled craftsmen, maintaining quality. Matsuzaka bee leather contains a lot of oil content "unsaturated fatty acid" compared with ordinary leather, so when the warmth and friction of body temperature is applied, the oil contained in the skin emerges on the surface, Beautiful gloss comes out, Matsusaka beef has an identification number assigned to all individuals and can trace up to the producer and the raised pasture so there is no need to worry about growing up in a poor environment You can use it.

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We do not compromise on things and stick to the ultimate, making things

The commitment and technology of craftsmen who have supported the traditional culture of Japan are being erased day by day in the current rationalism. Everything is going to flow, but the spirit of SATOLI is to try to review precious things that are lost once again. Sticking to Made in Japan, it is the ultimate dish that was born by the hands of many people involved in the carefully selected craftsmen 's techniques and products in Japan. I hope you will last forever.

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