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Japanese tea set & tableware | Dainichi | Kyoto ware (pottery)



The forerunner of natural gray glaze


  • 1980
  • Kyoto Ware・Kiyomizu Ware
  • Shigeo Takemura



For more than 30 years, I made ceramics with my own glaze

In opening the kiln at the foot of "Southern Dainichi" blessed with soil and water, the name "Dainichi kiln" in the sense that there is no shade, no sun by Tsukuba Junichiro, "Dainichi" I got it.Born in Yamashina Kyoto. Studied under Mr. Kimura Morihiro who is a holder of designated intangible cultural assets in Kyoto Prefecture. Born in Kyoto Yamashina in 1953 Graduated from Hiyoshigagaoka High School Ceramics Department Kyoto City Hiyoshigagaoka High School Graduated from Masterpieces Kimura Morihisa Kimura, 1975 Fourth "Kinki Branch Exhibition of the Japan Crafts Association Kinki Branch" Entered the First Election Every Year, 1978 Kyoto Prefecture Crafts Prior to 1980, he opened the Dainichi Kiln in Yamashina, was awarded the 35th "Japanese Traditional Crafts Exhibition" in 1988, received the 25th "Japanese Traditional Crafts Kinki Exhibition Encouragement Award" in 1996, 1998 Exhibition of the 53rd "New Artistry Crafts Exhibition", 2001 Kyoto Handicraft Artists Association Exhibition "Departure of the 21st Century", 2007 36th "Japanese Traditional Crafts Kinki Exhibition" Kyoto Prefectural Board of Education Committee Education Chief Prize Winner, Inauguration of the 36th "New Ceramic Art Exhibition" by the regular members of the 2008 Arts and Crafts Ceremony, the Japan Crafts Award Award, the 39th Japan Craft Crafts Kinki Exhibition Audit Committee, appointed as the Audit Committee Member of the Japan Crafts Council regular members Kyoto Prefectural Art Artist Association A member



The color that natural "ash" and "fire" make

We will make a glaze by ashing natural plants such as cedars, grapes and sunflowers. Ash can not be taken a lot at a time. Even if you collect a large number of plants and tree branches, you can get only a handful from there. Dissolve this in water, replace water many times, remove accessories and impurities, finally finish the ash glaze over a long time.

Burning sunflower to ashes

For Customers


An inquisitive search for pottery

Each piece carefully made, the facial expressions differ one by one. I will continue to have an inquisitive search for pottery and open up the future with my own power.

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