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The only company in Japan that manufactures barometers "Empex | Weathermeter"



High performance because it is a Japanese craftsman


  • 1973
  • Weather meter



A key player who has spread weather meter to Japan

We were founded as a specialized manufacturer of thermometers, hygrometers and barometers.

Initially, we specialized in exporting and selling to Europe and the United States where the use of thermometers at home is widespread.

In 1979, we developed a "weather meter" that combines a thermometer, a hygrometer, and a barometer.

We have developed activities in Japan to propose better living management through the weather, and have spread the weather meter to Japan.



High performance weather meter that can be made by craftsmen

Actually, the accuracy of the meteorological gauges sold in the shop varies depending on the product.

Even if it is a digital meteorological meter, the displayed values may vary depending on the product.

We manufacture needle-type analog products at our own plant in Iwate Prefecture, and we are particular about making each one of them a handful of craftsmanship in each process.

Of course, inspection of all products will be done at the same factory.

Therefore, the accuracy of our products is very high compared to foreign products.

We are the only company that can manufacture barometers in Japan.

For Customers


Stay close to daily physical condition changes

At present, it is common to know the temperature and humidity in the room to prevent heatstroke and prevent illness.

In addition, the “weather disease”, in which the physical condition worsens due to changes in barometric pressure, is also attracting attention in the media.

Therefore, more and more people are concerned about not only changes in temperature and humidity, but also changes in air pressure.

We will continue to improve and strive for a healthier life for our users.

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