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Japanese gold leaf art & dinnerware | HAKUICHI | Kanazawa metal leaf



Plus Innovation in the tradition of Kanazawa Metal Leaf


  • 1975
  • Kanazawa Metal Leaf

Manufacturing process "Metal Leaf transfer":Cut the gold leaf on the leather board into a standard size with a bamboo frame and pinch it in handmade paper



Create a market that "Kanazawa Meral Leaf Crafts"

When HAKUICHI was founded, Metal leaf was treated only as a material in other production areas. While creating a market called "Kanazawa Metal Leaf Crafts" so that you can use the art piece material "Kanazawa Metal Leaf" familiarly, spreading it throughout the country, it is also recognized in local Kanazawa, and it is now in the local industry like the present I was able to develop it. Even if mechanization, mass production, and new technology are developed as a company of manufacturing, we are working on making products by hand creatively. That is because in traditional industries, we believe that traditional beauty is the only thing expressed by the technique. From now on, while continuing to inherit traditional techniques, while developing new technology, we will continue to disseminate the charm of Kanazawa Metal Leaf to the world.

Manufacturing process "Metal Leaf pasting": paste Metal Leafs on crafts such as vessels and pottery



Collaboration with different industries

With craftsmen's whole heart, each Kanazawa Metal Leaf craft that you cherish each one carefully, depending on how you use it, it is possible to produce a wide range of ways from traditional Japanese hospitality to coordinated utilization for modern tableware. We also collaborate with other companies in different industries because we can meet new fields and encounter opportunities for new technologies and new foil expressions to be born. From now on, We hope to develop technological innovation by challenging new fields and expand the tradition of Kanazawa Metal Leaf.

Representative products of HAKUICHI : Dishes of "Hazy moon"

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The sense of special made by traditional beauty

The beauty of Kanazawa Metal Leaf is a special feeling that traditional beauty creates. Since ancient times, traditional beauty of gold leaf that attracts people as much as it was used as a symbol of power and luxury goods is used not only in high-end art crafts but also in every occasion of everyday life, We want to enrich my mind. That affluence is not to lower the price of products and services, but to deliver the wealth that impression produces. We pride ourselves on the name "HAKUICHI", the earliest Kanazawa Metal Leaf craftwork, and we will continue to work on manufacturing with the willingness to constantly enjoy new challenges.

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