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Shogi everywhere, sometimes Furoshiki "itsutsu | Dyed & Tendo Shogi Koma"



Shogi board of Funoshiki to enjoy traditional Japanese culture

Shogi shop in Kobe, itsutsu

  • 2015
  • Dyed & Tendo Shogi Koma
  • Akiko Nakakura



Beginning Shogi from 6 years old, becoming a professional fighter

I taught Shogi from my father, made a professional debut in the third grade of high school, and then fought for 21 years in a world of tough games.

Of course, although Shogi is a world of victory and defeat, I realized that I can gain many awareness and experiences besides the sense of accomplishment.

I especially want children to cultivate their affluence, including their ability to think for themselves and the courage to admit that they are losing.

Through Shogi, a traditional Japanese culture, I wanted to have my children experience a lot of unknown values, and started up a few days.



More opportunities for children to touch the real thing

We want you to know the deeper appeal of Shogi by holding good tools and keeping them used carefully.

We developed "Where Tama" with such thoughts.

"Sushin" inherited from the Muromachi period and "Shogi" continuing from the Heian period, a new traditional culture that combines two histories.

By using a Futoshiki shogi board dyed one by one by Kyoto craftsmen, the fabric becomes soft and textured.

Koma is a real thing made in Tendo City, Yamagata Prefecture, which boasts the largest production volume in Japan.

Because you can enjoy the change as you use it, children will be attached to the tools and will foster a mind that values things.

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I want you to feel the wonder of the real thing that sleeps in Japanese culture

We are promoting Japanese traditional culture, including Shogi, based on our conviction that “Traditional Japanese culture full of joy and surprise is close to children all over the world”.

Since Shogi is an item that can be enjoyed across generations, I was really happy when I heard that Grandpa's grandma was able to enjoy playing with his grandson in the wake of Shogi.

We are an item that contains "good things" and "curiosity", and two feelings, and it is an image of shogi that is considered to be "it seems difficult" and "the threshold is likely to be high." Will be remodeled into something more familiar and warm to children.

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