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Japanese earrings kiki | Ijiri Carving Studio | wood crafts



Accessories made by wood carving traditional craftsmen making altar

Ijiri Carving Studio

  • 1935
  • Hikone Household Buddhist Altars
  • Kazushige Ijiri



High technical strength recognized by the Imperial family

In 1935, Ijiri Carving Studio opened its first "Suiun Ijiri" as a Suiun carving, and has since 80 years been devoted to making Kaminyu sculpture. The first "Suiun Ijiri" had a reputation for its high technical strength so that he could be given the creation of offerings to the Crown Prince (present, now Majesty). Even now, its reliable technical capabilities are handed down to the second and third generations. Kaminyu in Shiga prefecture yonehara city with Ijiri Carving Studio is a woodcarving village where wood carving craftsmen with high technical skill gather. A long time ago it was natural that there were Buddhist altars in the house, but with the recent westernization of lifestyle, the separation of the Buddhist altar of the young generation has progressed, and this high technology skill has become less visible to people's eyes It was. Therefore, we launched the woodcarving accessory brand " Kiki " with the desire to "deliver craftsmanship handed down from our foundation to the hands of more people".



Accessories that cut out the daily routine of nature weaving

幾木 (kiki) is a wood carving accessory made by traditional craftsmen of Hikone Buddhist altar by hand carving one by one. Inspired by the rich nature and livelihood of Shiga such as rural landscape spreading all over, flowering blooming along the river of spring water, Ibuki mountain where snow falls down, it expresses it with geometric figures. By feeling the scenery we casually see, being happy to find the flowers that are blooming at the end of the road, getting strangled without thinking of small changes, or changing the view and thinking of things even if you are at the same place , People's minds become rich. I would like to make accessories that will make you feel so cautious, feeling healing, care for something, by attaching accessory of kiki that cut out one frame of nature's everyday weaving.

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Beyond many years

Trees are natural materials, and even in materials that can be taken from a tree, shapes and colors are different one by one, and as the year passes again, the color changes and the appeal further increases. With the thought that we would like to have accessories made by traditional Japanese techniques that have been handed down over history by using trees that grew over years and enjoying them for many years and years, I called it " kiki ". I am happy that you can enjoy forevering while enjoying the distinctive features of wooden products that change in taste enough to wear out.

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