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Deliver Kesennuma Blue to many people

Indigo Kesennuma

  • 2015
  • Indigo dye
  • Sayaka Fujimura



Started on the occasion of the Great East Japan Earthquake

In 2015, in order to solve the problem of "There is little choice of women's lives in local cities", we launched Indigo Kesennuma, "Let's create a place where we can work while raising children." The average income of Kesennuma City in Miyagi prefecture where we hold a workshop is about 2.6 million yen annually and it is cheaper than the surrounding area, and mothers who live in Kesennuma had to work immediately after giving birth.

However, the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred in 2011, child care support facilities such as children's halls were closed one after another. At that time, there were very few facilities in the city where children can be deposited from 0-year olds, the number of waiting children increased, making it difficult for mothers to work while raising their children.

I witnessed such a situation, decided to set up an indigo studio that can work with empty hands while holding small children. Now, with the help of many mothers who were in trouble with similar situations, we are manufacturing Kesennuma Blue.



Phantom dye "Kesennuma Blue"

Indigo is about blue. In Japan, as symbolized by Samurai Blue, we Japanese also dyed clothing and accessories with indigo and cherished it as a dye closely attached to our lives. Among them, we successfully cultivated "pastel", which was said to be a visionary dyestuff plant, and has also challenged to develop "pastel-dyed 100% natural material indigo dyed" products.

Pastel was the birthplace of Toulouse in southern France, cultivation and dyeing methods were discontinued around the world, but many people were able to revive the support through cloud funding. The unique texture increases as much as you use, and indigo's charm is to show different expressions sometimes.

In our laboratory, we make dyes only with natural materials such as indigo leaves, fructose, slaked lime, and wood ash.

I hope you will enjoy the feeling of indigo forever for years to come.

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Only one blue in the world

Our workshop started to make a workplace where women can work in Kesennuma which is a port town. Even now, active mothers with small children are the central members of the activity. For indigo dyeing, there are many natural efficacies to protect the skin, such as antibacterial, heat retention, deodorant, UV cut effect.

We are confidently dyeing hands with babies and small children so that they can use with confidence. Indigo · Kesennuma team is different in technology and specialty, but spinning each "technique" and "thought", from field to workshop, from Kesennuma to inside Japan, from Japan to all over the world, kindness and strength I will deliver only one blue.

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