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Make everyday fun "KataKoto | Hizen Yoshida Ware"



Pottery is interesting and fun!

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  • 2019
  • HizenYoshida Ware
  • Hironobu Koyanagi



Hizen Yoshida ware to the world through free manufacturing

KataKoto is a ceramic brand that started in 2019.

I wanted to do something in Saga Prefecture, my hometown.

I was impressed with Hizen Yoshida-yaki, which has high quality and technology, but its name is rare.

Arita ware and Imari ware are famous in Saga Prefecture, but Hizen Yoshida ware's workshop has so far undertaken subcontracting work for Arita ware and Nagasaki's Hasami ware.

Therefore, the name of the place of production was never known, but its technical capabilities are high.

Another reason for noticing the fact that Hizen-Yoshida ware has no image or concept of fixation is that it is possible to make fun pottery regardless of tradition.

The concept of “KataKoto” is a free design that turns a little everyday ideas into shape, interesting ideas, and fun pottery to use.



Auspicious beckoning cats are perfect for celebrations

All the pottery I produce is an original product made from molds.

Manekineko, introduced this time, was developed to be enjoyed in celebration scenes such as opening celebrations and opening celebrations.

A cat that raises its right hand has long been said to invite money.

Because the beckoning cat with a lovely expression hides the place to put money with a ribbon on the neck with a bell, you can decorate it as an interior, secretly store the sneak, inside the beckoning cat It may be interesting as a production to put a congratulatory gift and give it as a celebration gift.


For Customers


"Kata Koto" "Kata Koto" ... A cute little sound that touches hard pottery.

The brand name “KataKoto” was created with various meanings of Katakoto.

My dream is to make people from all over the world know about Hizen Yoshida ware and use it in everyday life.

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