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Paper Cutting Artist Masayo「Masayo Fukuda | Paper Cutting Art 」



Art work never seen before by anyone

Paper Cutting Artist Masayo

  • Paper Cutting Art
  • Masayo Fukuda



I started paper cutting art for my friends

I love drawing from my young age, I was repainting manga and drawing original characters.

When I was a high school student, I gave a friend a birthday card that I cut out in heart shape.

Since then, when giving a message card to a friend, I got to hand a card that I cut into a bouquet and a girl's shape. Since that time, I got into the paper cutting art.

In July 2007, when I posted my work as a hobby for myself to Twitter, I got big feedback and got coverage from various media .

Although I was quite surprised by the unexpected response, I became more enthusiastic about creative activities.

Currently I am working as a watch repair craftworker and continue creative activities on the theme of "making works calling surprise and impression" at other times.



Three-dimensional sense and Depth

If you are told that "What is different from other paper cutting artist?" I will answer "three-dimensional feeling" without hesitation.

Conventional paper cutting art has many planar works, and when expressing the three-dimensional feeling, other artists stacked several sheets of paper.

Therefore, there was no work expressing the three-dimensional feeling using only one sheet of paper.

I always want to make a work that is elaborate like a pencil drawing and has a three-dimensional feeling.

However, in order to express the three-dimensional effect with only one sheet, both high drawing technique and high cutting technique are required.

In my case, the skill that I have cultivated over the years since childhood and the cutting technique that comes from the dexterity of my fingertips that I trained as a watch repair craftworker are well intertwined, making a work with a three-dimensional feeling It makes it possible.

For Customers


Let's enjoy paper cutting art together!

When creating a new work, I decide a new theme and challenge every time.

And because there is a constraint that we use only one piece of white paper, I am motivated by the challenge and creative ingenuity.

However, when it comes to a big piece of work, I often spend more than two months to complete it.

Because I spend a lot of time with them, my thoughts become stronger and I can no longer let go of my work.

However, in the future, I will also sell the work so that many people can enjoy paper cutting art.

I'm happy if you are interested in my work, "I want to try making it yourself" as a trigger to start paper cutting art.



August 2017 : Zip! (Nippon TV) · Hodokyoku (Fuji TVnet)

September 2017 : N Sta (TBS TV)

November 2017 : Funabashi Yomiuri News paper

November 2017 : Mezamashi TV (Fuji TV)

April 2018 : Elementary School Year 8 Initial Summer Edition (Shogakkan)

June, 2018 : Eighth grader Summer issue (Shogakkan)

July 2018 : Hiranundesu (Nippon TV)

August 2018 : Trip TV (Nippon TV)

2019 January : Akko-ni-omakase (TBS TV)

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