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Chopsticks reaching the heart "HASHIKURA MATSUKAN | Painted chopsticks"



Chopsticks that bridge people


  • 1922
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Continue to challenge the making of innovative chopsticks

MATSUKAN was founded in 1922 in Obama City, Fukui Prefecture.

Ohama City is a production center of Wakasa-painted chopsticks with a history of over 400 years.

Ohama City is one of the largest producers of Wakasa Painted Chopsticks, accounting for over 80% of Japan's coated chopsticks production.

Since our founding, we have continued to challenge the creation of innovative chopsticks that fit the times while protecting the traditional chopstick making techniques.

In recent years, in collaboration with traditional craftsmen, we have reprinted the design of Wakasa-painted chopsticks used in the Edo period.

In addition, we are making chopsticks vigorously by collaborating with NENDO, a Japanese design studio led by Mr. Oki Sato, who was selected as one of the “100 Japanese respected by the world”.



Skilled craftsmen make carefully selected materials into chopsticks

Because it is something that can be taken in your hand every day, we are particular about using craftsmen to create carefully one by one using only natural materials.

Wakasa-painted chopsticks create a unique pattern and sparkle by confining a shell in lacquer and then sharpening it many times.

Painted chopsticks are a gem that you can use habitually for 10 or 20 years as long as you use them with a smooth texture.


For Customers

We want to continue making delicious chopsticks.

The baby begins with the “eating start” when they first use chopsticks, and the life of the Japanese begins with chopsticks and ends with chopsticks.

Because it is an indispensable item in the usual dining table, we will continue to make “delicious chopsticks” such as “It will be a little tasty when you eat with this chopstick” and “Everyday dining table will be fun”.

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