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Amulet of bonds between pets and owners “Isuke Nakano | Nekonowa”



"Wa" made by a long-established store established in 1764


  • 1764
  • Kyo rosary
  • 10th generation Isuke Nakano



Traditional techniques inherited by the Hikone lord and the Ii clan

In 1764, our family was founded in Ouminokuni (current Shiga Prefecture) from the capital city of Kyoto and founded a rosary (necklace) shop in the 10th generation.

The number of beads is a tool that is strictly defined in the scriptures, from materials to forms and manufacturing methods.

Among the existing bead counts, the ones that are housed in the Shodai-in Temple of Todaiji are the oldest, and their forms have been inherited unchanged since ancient times, and all of them are hand-worked even in the modern days when machines were developed. It is made with.

The number of rosary that has been handed down as a Buddhist teaching tool, but its meaning has spread in the present age and is also used as one of the “talisans” and “women”.

We aimed for a rosary that kept its original meaning and was close to the modern lifestyle.

This time, with the cooperation with Doshisha University, we focused on pets.

Among pets, an important part of the family, cats sometimes run away suddenly and are often worried by their owners.

Especially developed in the concept that if the cat goes missing during a series of recent disasters, the owner will feel secure if the cat has a protection.



Deepen bonds with matching coordinates

Until now, pet amulets were for owners and nothing to wear on cats.

"Nekonowa" is the first item in Japan that allows pets and owners to gather together and enjoy fashion when going out.

In the present age when the number of pearls is a “talisman”, regardless of age or gender, you can feel the connection with your owner at any time by putting a power stone on the collar of your pet, your beloved family.

The completed “Nekonowa” is all praying at “Houun Temple” in Nishigamo, Kyoto, to raise the meaning of the amulet.

Houun Temple is also famous as a pet offering temple. If a cat comes to the time, it can of course be offered, and in the future, the owner will sleep peacefully with the pet in the temple. It is also possible.


For Customers

So that your precious “feelings” can be fulfilled

The number of beads in the family business that has been passed down as a Buddhist tool since ancient times is now accepted by everyone in the form of “amulet” and “wish” with the flow of the times.

There is an opinion that "a grown-up cat dislikes a collar", but it is an item that can be worn without stressing the cat by developing a unique technology after ingenuity.

Please enjoy matching with your beloved cat.

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