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Japanese pottery & ceramics | Naoto Tsuneki | Ceramist



Bizen Ware × Simple modern

Naoto Tsuneki

  • 2001
  • Ceramist

Kiln firing



Ceramist who continues the challenge

I was born in Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture in 1971, and in 1997 I studied under the Bizen Waka Artist's "Taisetsu Sueishi" and started cropping. After studying at Bizen Pottery Center in 1998, I studied under Bizenki Artist's "Taisuke Sato" in 1999 and became independent in Furano City, in Hokkaido in 2001. From 2001 to August 2016 I made pottery in Hokkaido and moved to Okayama Prefecture Asakuchi City in 2016. In 2017 we built a hole kiln and put out the first kiln. We are constantly challenging to convey the charm of Bizenyaki while moving the place of activity.

plate with bright orange color



Bright "orange color"

The baked equipment of the Bizen earth with a hole kiln can reduce the amount of smoke when burning firewood rather than baking in a climbing kiln. As a result, the orange coloration will be stronger than the general Bizen Ware. We make thin and light work so that we can use everyday by making full use of the characteristic of shrinking clay. Also, because the breathability of clay is compatible with water, I am making many works centering on kitchenware. The soil of the Bizen whose color is determined by the amount of smoke, that is, the amount of ash, will be various colors and texture depending on how you burn the kiln. It would be greatly appreciated if you enjoyed different shades one by one.

Pottery that complements food

For Customers


What you can use everyday with traditional materials

Although it is a traditional material, I try to aim the work that incorporates the features that can be done because it is a seasoning that does not use glaze so that it can be used everyday, and it is included in a device that can be used simply.



"2003 the 12th flower organ contest, the 33rd whole pottery, the 26th longest three award biennale, the 78th road exhibition,
2018 the 61st Japan Crafts Crafts (China Branch) Exhibition
A solo exhibition at Sapporo, Kurashiki, Furano, Tokyo, Matsuyama"

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