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"Hiragana" accessories "SAORI KUNIHIRO" | Calligraphy



Wear the Kana culture that has been passed down for over 1,000 years


  • 2015
  • Calligraphy
  • Saori Kunihiro



Finding the things I can really do

I started going to calligraphy classes at the age of 6 because of my sister and continued to high school.

From that time on, I loved handwriting New Year's cards and letters with a brush and was fascinated by the fun of calligraphy.

After I graduated from a vocational school, I worked for a dental assistant and a construction company saying, “I want to find something I can really put in,” but I feel rewarding and attainment of work. There was not.

I decided to study in London when I was 26 years old.

I went to a calligraphy school that I had been away from for a while and prepared for studying abroad.

I was able to rediscover the fun of calligraphy.

I was very impressed when I held a solo exhibition in London and gave foreigners a name in Chinese characters.

I decided to work as a calligrapher when I came back to Japan.



The beauty of Hiragana

In Japan, we often use designs with English motifs for logos and signs. / p>

I have a lot of beautiful “kana” and “kanji”, so I wanted to use them more and send them to the world.

Especially “Hiragana” has a very beautiful shape and is an attractive culture unique to Japan.

I devised "Hiragana Accessory" with the desire to make it easy to wear as a fashion so that it can be picked up while taking advantage of the natural beauty of Japanese.

I make accessories by trial and error with a craftsman from the sheet metal workshop.


For Customers

Enjoy the beauty of Kana in a new way

I want to convey the beautiful curve of the Japanese character “Hiragana”.

I want to preserve Japanese tradition.

I design each accessory with that feeling.

The word “beautiful” is a round of “tsu”, a smooth line of “shi” ...

The word “beautiful” is like a female body line The characters themselves are so beautiful.

Kana has been inherited for more than 1,000 years since the Manyo era.

Enjoy “Kana” in an unprecedented way: “Let's learn beautiful culture”.

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