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World class recognized Imabari towel premium gift「sara-la」



A gift that connects the feelings of "thank you"


  • 1995
  • imabari towel



Annual towel gift The ultimate towel made by a manufacturer with a total production of 300,000

As a wholesaler of the regional brand "Imabari Towel" in Imabari, Ehime Prefecture, which has become famous worldwide, the company has been producing original towels for various companies for over 20 years.

And now, with the aim of "a towel that will last forever," we launched our own brand "sara-la."

The name sara-la is derived from "Unonosarara", the child's name of Emperor Jito.

The Emperor Jito is reportedly a woman emperor, who actively participates in politics and has deep kindness and intelligence.

There are things that are familiar to modern women.

I named it sara-la for wishing to be a towel that gives women peace of mind.



Even after washing, the feel like fluffy and feather continues

The towel sommelier chose the finest materials.

The material is super long cotton (cotton with a fiber length of 35 mm or more), which is only 5% of the world's rare Greek cotton, and achieves the best feel.

Not only softness, the soft touch lasts after repeated washing and high water absorption continues.

You feel comfortable with each use.

Bath towels can be wiped away by simply wrapping your body in the bath.

Face towels are 10 cm longer than ordinary towels so they can be used easily by women, can be dried even with long hair, and are also suitable for wrapping around the head.

For Customers


I want to give special things to my precious

I manage towels by serial number and have their own strict quality standards.

Because you touch bare skin every day, "relief and security" is a matter of course, and we try to make a towel that you feel "useful and happy" on that.

That's why I'm confident I'm not ashamed to put it as a gift.

Put a silver foil on Japanese paper in the cosmetic box to create a sense of luxury.

In addition, the sara-la wrapper is connected to a biki-tei with a bellflower motif.

Kochiki is an auspicious word, and flower language has the meaning of "clean", "polite", "obedient", "faithfulness", "eternal love".

We put our wish to bring warm happiness to everyone.

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