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Japanese plate & dish | Soekyu-seitosyo | Hizenyoshida ware (porcelain)



Beautiful "blue" made from traditional kilns


  • 1953
  • HizenYoshida Ware
  • Hirohisa Soejima



Brick studio that feels history

I entered the world of craft when I was 23 years old. My older brother moved on his own way without continuing his family business, but I entered Arita Industrial High School, Nagoya University of the Arts and began to advance the path of ceramics manufacturing. After that, I entered my family business as soon as I graduate, 14 years later, I replaced it at the age of 37 and became my third generation.I am burning utensils for three generations at the site of Hizen Yoshida. Currently, we are married couple, we are making pottery in brick making studio.

Painting by hand



Transfer the deep appeal of porcelain to the future

Even though I have been making porcelain for many years, I realize the charm of porcelain such as its beauty, interestingness of history, deepness every time I open the kiln. In order to make people who use porcelain in their daily life feel attractive just like me, I would like to grasp their charm on porcelain and to transfer their charm through porcelain. I think that it is the mission of a craftworker of HizenYoshida Ware, facing the soil everyday.

"Blue" beautiful grade of "GOSU" series

For Customers


Provide satisfaction of the mind, long-loved products to customers

My goal is to create a corporate philosophy of "to satisfy the mind" products. In the past, imitating fashionable things to get on a trend, we sometimes mass-produced the same model more and more. However, we realized that our individuality is lost, and we are getting tired of customers in the manufacturing process of riding the trend. Since then, I think that it is "to be loved by customers for a long time" to make things that are really nice, truly like us even if you wait a while.

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