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Japanese bottle holder & armor | Tadayasu | Samurai armor



New possibilities of armor


  • 1964
  • Armor
  • Tadayasu Ookoshi

Production scene of handmade armor one by one



50 years from the first generation, to inherit the tradition

In 1969 he was born as the eldest son of the 19th generation of the Okoshi family in Koshigaya, Saitama prefecture, studied under Father Fujiyoshi Otoshi Yataro in 1993, he became the representative director in 2007.For over fifty years since our foundation, inheriting the tradition from the first generation, Tadayoshi has made a number of armor making for many years

A thought to armor



Completed after 5,000 steps

"Armor" that we make ... It is the ultimate traditional craftwork which aggregates the technique peculiar to Japan such as goldsmiths, woodworks, bamboo fabrics, braids and leather crafts, and then completes through about 5000 steps I pride myself.

How did the bottle armor come out?

For Customers


New challenge of bottle armor

The armor which Tadaharu reproduces is not limited to weapons, it expresses the mind as a Japanese person gracefully, and it can also be called general craftwork which gathered technologies such as metalwork, lacquer work and dye woven leather. In order to reproduce this traditional craft in the present age, we are honored to produce with handmade product, one item at a time with technologies polished by a long-time study. In addition, this time, we created a new concept product that was not in the armor world until now, a bottle armor.

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