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Established 150 years "Unkindo Fukatsu Folding Fan Store | Edo Folding Fan"



Unkindo Fukatsu Folding Fan

  • 1860
  • Edo folding fan
  • Yoshiko Fukatsu



Traditional skills handed down over 150 years from the late Edo period

My father is an imperial patron of a female imperial family, who is held at the time of the throne after the throne (the first official official meeting of the three powers, including the chief of the three powers) A master craftsman who worked on the folding fan. I studied with my father, Kozo Fukatsu at the age of 29. Currently, we are continuing to make Edo folding fans as the fifth generation of the Unkindo Fukatsu folding fan store.



Incorporating contemporary aesthetics into tradition

We are not only the imperial family, but also the fans of traditional Kabuki actors such as Tamasaburo Bando and Tokizo Nakamura, and continue to protect the traditions and techniques of Edo fans even today.

Edo folding fans are different from Kyo folding fans, which use a division of labor system, and one craftsman performs the process of making more than 30 folding fans.

Because we are familiar with all processes, it is possible to finely adjust the thickness of the base paper (paper used for the fan) according to the fan bone (bamboo) and incorporate various devices Yes, each craftsman can create a fan full of originality.

Our fans are also characterized by their design.

Rather than adopting traditional Japanese traditional patterns as they are, the original design is sublimated by mixing contemporary sensibilities while getting inspiration from them.

The reason why you feel a modern atmosphere in the traditional way is because you know everything about making a fan. This is the result of a well thought out design.

For Customers


Enjoy the sounds of Edo folding fans

Compared to elegant Kyoto fans, Edo fans are “iki, inase” fans.

The base paper has a wide folding width, making it sturdy and stable.

Furthermore, a high-quality Edo folding fan made with careful work will make a very cool sound when closed.

Please enjoy not only the coolness of the fans in the hot summer, but also the sounds of Edo fans.

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