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Japanese makeup brush | UYEDA BISYODO | top-class beauty



The ultimate item born from tradition and experience of over 70 years


  • 1945
  • Makeup brush



Challenge the world's latest technology without being bound by traditional Japanese skills

We were founded in 1945 as the only “raw hair import processing company” in Japan.

Since our founding, we have been engaged in everything from importing, processing and selling raw wool.

There are two types of makeup brushes born from “drawing” from European paintbrushes and “writing”, which is famous for Kumano brushes.

We have established a unique manufacturing method that derives the original qualities without damaging raw hair by studying both traditional Japanese hair and European hair techniques. .

Leveraging our abundant knowledge and experience, we strive to develop new technologies every day with the aim of creating products that can meet all the needs of customers in Japan and overseas.



A touch that melts like no other

We use hair materials with our own original hairs, and the method is used by craftsmen to bind them as they are without cutting the hair ends.

Therefore, the skin feels smooth and there is little skin irritation.

To make a tip is to bring life to a brush.

The skill of making brush tips is so advanced that the master craftsman is recognized as Fudeshi.

Shafts are often made by taking advantage of natural wood colors and patterns as they are, and they are easy to grasp and are processed with a sense of luxury and beauty.


For Customers

May the new beauty begin from the day you get it

Our brushes are very durable and can be used in a consistent manner for years if they are regularly maintained.

High-quality makeup brushes and makeup brushes enhance your beauty and make your regular makeup time even more enjoyable.

We will continue to make brushes that will be loved by everyone for a long time.

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