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Tradition in life


  • 1903
  • Kyoto Kanoko Shibori



Founding 100 years

Since its founding as a wholesale cotton in 1903, we have consistently handled natural materials such as cotton and hemp. Recently, with the image of Kyoto walking alone, "From tradition to life should be in daily life" from the idea since our foundation, this time with the concept of "in daily life", combining traditional methods and new ideas We developed a highly scarce product.



"Aperture Tenugui" using traditional craft "Kyoto Kanoko Shibori" technique

The color of the Tenugui is expressed in 4 colors + black which imaged the four seasons in Japan. In addition to traditional techniques such as "cabinet" and "plate sharp squeeze", we are also challenging new ways of expressing such as "squeeze squeezing" and "log blistering blur dyeing". If you dyed cloth using techniques such as binding with thread, sewing tighten, sandwiching with a plate, etc., "bleeding" and "blurring" will be born during dyeing. The beautiful pattern that nature creates is the attraction of tie dye. In addition, we use "Tokuoka" which is characterized by "soft touch" used for Yukata, and we take care to "moisten and moisten more" as you use it.

For Customers


It is not aimed, so it is interesting

Even if dyeing with craftsmen by hand, even if you dyed with the same lot, each finish will change subtly depending on the dyeing time and how the cloths overlap. Please enjoy the rarity value that one can not produce the same as two.

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