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For Corporations

For corporations and people who are considering large orders

・If you would like to order multiple items in bulk and want to send multiple items to multiple destinations,

Please send your request from the contract page.

We often get inquiries with the following applications and scenes..

・When opening a hotel / inn

・When opening a restaurant

・Gifts at the wedding ceremony

・Souvenirs (such as company anniversaries and group anniversary)

・Funeral gift

If you have any other requests, please contact us from the contact page.

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To those who would like to exhibit, movie production, product development

What BECOS can help

1)Expansion of sales channels

By exhibiting on BECOS, we can PR products for potential customers around the world. If you are confident in the product but are having trouble expanding the sales channel, would you like to sell the products towards the world together?

2)Video Production & Video Branding

We are making motion pictures with the concept of "to convey our feelings". Why do not you send your passion, commitment to the world?

3)Collaborative product development

You can do "parallel planning - development ~ sales" while running alongside us. People who want to break away from subcontractors and develop their own products, why not start a new challenge together?

Examples and others are introduced. For details, please inquire from here