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Wearing words 5108


  • 2011


There should be many words you want to convey to your loved ones

The message accessory "5108 (words)" that wears the mysterious power of words is a new communication tool based on the idea that "thanks, words of love, encouragement, and many words that you want to convey to your loved ones." Was born.

It is such an item that you can easily convey words of gratitude and things that are difficult to say.

I want to value words and design items that I can spend time with in my daily life.


Making products with love that is particular about domestic production

While there are many cheap and mass-produced accessories at overseas factories, we are reliable in Japan, from the desire to "want customers to wear with confidence" to bare metal, small parts and chains.

All processes from mold making, casting, polishing, finishing, and final check are carefully done in Japan by the manufacturer.

The smooth movement of the chain, the softness of the chain, the beautiful finish of the carving of very small words, and the affectionate production of products with attention to detail.

5108 can also be used as a message card with accessories, you can add a message in your own words under the printed comment, put it in your favorite envelope and mail it.

For Customers

Kotoba's gift

By always having the item of words close to you, you can always feel someone's feelings.

You can spend your days wrapped in words of love and words of encouragement, just like a talisman.

It is an accessory that you can easily give to yourself or as a gift for your close friends so that you will not forget your current feelings and feelings.

Please give it to your loved ones as if you were giving them a love letter.

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