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To enjoy traditional Japanese culture: Furoshiki shogi board

Shogi shop in Kobe, itsutsu

  • 2015
  • Dyed & Tendo Shogi Koma
  • Akiko Nakakura



Female shogi player from 6 years old

Being taught Shogi by my father, I became a professional shogi player when I was a senior in high school.

Ever since, I have survived in the world with a law of the jungle for 21 years.

Winning or losing is what matters the most, yet I learned some other important lessons as well.

I want people, especially children, to learn precious lessons establishing the foundation of mindsets from Shogi, such as to think by themselves, courage it takes to admit their losses, and more.

With the aim of teaching children some valuables of life through Japanese traditional game shogi, I established this brand Itsutsu.



Provide opportunities to feel the "true authenticity"

Our brand-new product Dokotama is a new tradition combining two histories: "In-sen", a dying method inherited from Muromachi period and "Shogi", a traditional board game inherited from Heian period.

Shogi-board covered with Japanese traditional cloth, made by skilled craftsmen in Kyoto, its texture softens through the long years of usage; Shogi pieces, produced in the best city of that specific industry, have the best quality.

These authentic items can grow old with a child by changing the texture through long years of usage.

Such transformation through time can teach a caring mindset and the joy of using one item for a long time.

For Customers

Wishing people to feel the wonder of the true authenticity embedded in Japanese culture

We are promoting Japanese culture, mainly shogi, to the children from all over the world to feel the joy and surprise carried by Japanese tradition.

Shogi is loved by all the generations, thus connecting the young and the elders.

We are very glad to hear our customers' voices telling us our shogi helped strengthen the bond between grandparents and kids.

We break down the boundary of "difficult" by the item delivering true authenticity and curiosity, updating the image children possess toward shogi.

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