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Nobuo Higuchi


Careful taste produced by the hometown of the Heian Dynasty.


  • 2016
  • Japanese Sweets
  • Nobuo Higuchi
Nobuo Higuchi


I'm sure you'll find something that will give you a deep sense of Kyoto's traditions.

Our philosophy is "Onkochishin", and we always manufacture Japanese sweets with a positive attitude. The name of our store, "Niomon", originates from "Chomyoji Niomon", which means "to purge evil spirits and bring happiness to all who visit our store".Our Kyoto sweets, born in the Yamashina Yatsuhashi Village, are a gem of Kyoto's tradition and atmosphere, and the culture of elegance that established the world-famous "The Tale of Genji. We hope you will enjoy our sweets and be reminded of the elegant world of the Heian Dynasty.

Nobuo Higuchi


Taste, aroma, and texture are the three key elements of the traditional taste.

We are particular about our creative confections, which are elegantly sweetened with our excellent traditional techniques, and have the three key elements of "taste, aroma, and texture". While preserving our traditions, we also focus on developing new confections that not only have nostalgic flavors. A jam that combines milk caramel and traditional Yatsuhashi, and a baked sweets that sandwiches the nostalgic cinnamon rice crackers with chocolate, a representative of western-style confectionery. We are challenging ourselves to create confectionaries that our customers have never encountered before. Please enjoy to your heart's content the traditional flavors created by Kyoto's artisans with all their soul.

Nobuo Higuchi


For Customers

We want our sweets to make your life more fruitful.

What do you think of when you hear the word " Wagashi" in Kyoto? I'm sure you have at least once eaten the nostalgic Yatsuhashi. Our confectionaries are carefully crafted by skilled artisans with traditional flavors such as Yatsuhashi, as well as creative confectionaries with a new sensation that are more in tune with modern lifestyles. Our confectionaries are not only for daily use, but are also very popular as items that bring people together to make their lives more fruitful, as gifts, and as souvenirs. Please feel free to use them as gifts for your loved ones or seasonal greetings.

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