Preserving the traditional mirin brewing method


  • 1910
  • Mirin brewing
  • Toshio Sumiya


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SUMIYABUNJIROU SHOUTEN was founded in 1910 in Hekinan City, Aichi Prefecture, and has been a brewer of Sanshu Mikawa Mirin for over 100 years.

The first and second generations called themselves Bunjiro, and I, the third generation, work together with my four brothers to preserve the traditional mirin brewing method.

Blessed with clean water and a mild climate, Mikawa has been brewing mirin for over 200 years.

During the wartime period of food shortages and during the period of rapid economic growth after the war, mirin production was discontinued and "mirin-like seasonings" that were not real mirin appeared.

Today, some of the products sold as "Hon Mirin" are made from imported ingredients by adding water candy or alcohol to make it more cost effective and efficient.

Our Sanshu Mikawa Mirin is made from domestic raw materials and all the manufacturing processes are done in-house, so it takes more time and money to produce.

However, the mirin produced with much time and effort has an elegant, crisp sweetness that is so delicious that it can be compared to sweet sake.

We continue to make mirin as best we can, respecting the traditional techniques and the taste of domestic ingredients.



High-grade mirin made using traditional methods

We need only three ingredients to make our mirin: glutinous rice, rice malt, and rice shochu.

The glutinous rice is milled from brown rice, and the rice shochu is distilled in-house.

By producing the raw materials ourselves, we are able to control the raw materials themselves to the optimum state for making mirin.

We add 9 glutinous rice, 1 rice malt, and 5 shochu to make a liquid with a total weight of 15, and press it to make 10 mirin.

This is the traditional method of "one measure of rice, one measure of mirin".

It takes one to two years to complete the process, during which time the power of the koji slowly brings out the natural sweetness of the rice.

The resulting Mikawa Mirin is highly valued by famous chefs both in Japan and abroad for its natural and rich flavor of rice and its crisp sweetness.

Generally speaking, mirin is used as a seasoning to bring out the richness and umami of food, to enhance the aroma of ingredients while eliminating their odor, to prevent vegetables from falling apart, and to make them shiny and glossy.

In addition, Mikawa Mirin is so delicious that it is called "sweet sake" when drunk as is.

The deliciousness of the ingredients becomes even more pronounced, and the flavor of the dish becomes even deeper.

We hope you will enjoy the taste of real mirin at home.


For Customers

For those who seek the real thing

There are many mirin and mirin-like seasonings on the market.

The most famous brands are not necessarily the best ones.

Our "Sanshu Mikawa Mirin" and "Organic Sanshu Mirin" are genuine mirins brewed from high quality raw materials using traditional techniques inherited from our ancestors.

We are confident that our mirin will satisfy customers who want to use a truly delicious mirin.

"Sanshu Umeshu" and "Sanshu Umeshu Dry" are plum wine with no added sugar, made by pickling Japanese green plums in Sanshu Mikawa Mirin using a two-step process.

Over the years, we have slowly brought out the mellow taste and refreshing flavor of plums.

This Japanese liqueur is perfect as an aperitif, or as a gourmet drink to be enjoyed with food.

This is a great product to enjoy at home or to give as a gift to those who are looking for something authentic.


2000 Obtained organic certification (JONA, OCIA)

2011 FOOD ACTION NIPPON Award 2010, Excellence Award, Manufacturing, Distribution and System Category

2021 COREZO Foundation COREZO Award

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