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  • 1977
  • Additive-free food,Organic farming food,Natural living goods
  • Junichi Iio


Food safety in the home

We founded RINNESHA in 1977.

The founder's wife wanted to feed her children safe food, so she started a group cooperative purchase of pesticide-free vegetables.

At that time in Japan, there was a demand for mass production of food.

To achieve this, large amounts of food additives and potentially dangerous preservatives were allowed to be used.

However, we learned that food has a great impact on our body and spirit.

And as more and more people learned this, they became members, hoping to counter allergies, prevent illnesses, and alleviate chronic diseases.

On the other hand, safe food became harder and harder to come by.

We decided to start a company to ensure the continued availability of safe food and to properly deliver it to the people who wanted it.

We carefully select and procure pesticide-free agricultural products and additive-free seasonings from all over Japan, including Houroku-ya's rapeseed oil.

And we are confident in recommending the raw materials and producers of all our products.



Items that can be used safely by family members

We also deal in household items other than food.

This is because when we studied food safety, we found out that everyday household items have a greater impact on the human body.

Food is digested and absorbed by the stomach and intestines, detoxified by the liver, repeatedly broken down and absorbed by various organs, and finally discharged from the body.

However, in the case of pesticides, for example.

Humans inhale insecticidal ingredients containing chemical substances diffused into the air through the mouth and nose, or through skin absorption, and they directly enter the blood and body without passing through the digestive organs.

People with chemical-sensitive constitutions may experience headaches and other health problems, and small children and pets may be affected more than adults.

We researched for a healthier mosquito repellent and came up with insecticidal chrysanthemum.

Pyrethrum is a plant with insecticidal properties that was used in the past to repel insects from livestock.

Incense sticks made of pyrethrum contain birch wood powder from Hokkaido and starch as a binder.

Chrysanthemum incense, which is made of 100% plant ingredients, is very much appreciated by people with chemical allergies, small children, and households with pets.


For Customers

We deliver "necessary items for daily life" that can be used with peace of mind.

We began our activities with the desire to secure safe food for our own families' bodies and minds.

First, we researched how the main ingredients of the products were grown and negotiated directly with the producers until we were satisfied.

We asked that the products be made without pesticides.

Now, we buy and sell safe and delicious food products and daily necessities from trusted producers.

Now, we buy and sell safe and delicious food products and daily necessities from trusted producers.

For example, Houroku rapeseed oil, chrysanthemum incense sticks, and Akamaru Hakka body care products.

For products made from plants, we watch over them from the time they cultivate the soil on the farm and devise ways to make them.

This is a great gift for those who are looking for safe products to use, or for those who are getting married or having a baby.


2015 The 5th Treasure Foodstuff Contest: "Houroku Rapeseed Oil, Freshly Pressed" selected as one of the 9 Treasure Foodstuff to be Proudly Presented to the World

2021 COREZO Foundation COREZO Award

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