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BECOS items are handcrafted by artisans with great care and attention to detail, so each item may vary slightly in size and color. We hope you will enjoy these unique items as they are truly handmade.

Type of pottery

There are two main types of pottery: porcelain (stone) and pottery (clay). Porcelain is made from stone powder and produces a clear, high-pitched sound when struck. Pottery is made from clay and produces a dull sound when struck. The two can be distinguished by the color and texture of the base, which is the base of the vessel. Porcelain has a white base with a smooth texture, while ceramic has a non-white base or a white base with a coarse texture.

To ensure a long life for your vessels

About Porcelain

Although many items are microwave and dishwasher safe, they are not susceptible to sudden changes in temperature, and excessive rapid heat, rapid cooling, or use in an oven or over an open flame may cause them to crack or break. Avoid immersing warm dishes in water, placing cold dishes in a warm oven, and other abrupt changes in temperature.

About ceramics

Pottery is a highly water-absorbent pottery. Therefore, soaking it in water or lukewarm water before use will prevent it from absorbing food juices and grease, and will not leave odors or stain marks. Also, do not soak the product in dirty water. After use, remove the stains as soon as possible, wash it with kitchen detergent and dry it well before storing it.

Ceramic is made of coarse grained soil and may have a slightly rough surface. Please do not drag it around as the high base may damage the table. If you are concerned about the damage, please use a luncheon mat or the like.

About penetration

Pottery may have cracks in its surface, called "penetrations", which are caused by differences in the rate of expansion between the base material and the glaze. This is caused by differences in the expansion rate of the glaze and the base material, but it does not pose a problem for use. This is a beautiful and unique characteristic of pottery and is especially enjoyed when viewing it, so please feel free to use it. 

Care for your car

Please avoid using a dishwasher or dryer for important dishes and wash them by hand with a soft sponge.

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