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William Tucker
Complementary L

The ancient and modern are combined in these gold-leaf panels from Kanazawa. While not as vibrant as “Twilight” or “Hakuichi,””Shinra” has a subtle brilliance and depth that complements either or both.
These panels were shipped internationally and arrived on time and unscathed: very securely packaged. Kawasaki at BECOS was patient and helpful in my ordering.
I think I will be enjoying this purchase for many years.

Thank you very much for taking the time to write this wonderful review.
This art panel can be displayed alone, or when placed with several other art panels, it will enhance all the panels more.
I am really happy that you like the art panel and I hope you will enjoy it for a long time.
I would be very happy if you could use this product for a long time.
I look forward to serving you again.


Product Description

HAKUICHI Kenji YoshikuraKenji Yoshikura

A modern and stylish gold leaf art panel that transforms a casual space into a special scene.

I drew it in combination with colorful Kanazawa foil, imagining a nostalgic scene in Japan.

By the hands of outstanding craftsmen, you can decorate the table gorgeously as a table runner with a self-confident work that takes time and effort, such as carefully pasting gold leaf one by one.

Please use it as an interior accent.


Manufacturer HAKUICHI
Country of origin Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan
Technique Kanazawa Gold Leaf
Material Gold leaf
Size 11.81" * 35.43" * 0.47"(S : 30*30*1.2, M : 30*60*1.2, L : 30*90*1.2cm)
Weight 4.76 lbs(2160g)
Capacity 0 oz(ml)
Electronic Equipment
Note Installed in a location away from direct sunlight. Do not install in a high temperature, high humidity or extremely dry place. Do not touch the product with wet hands.
Delivery Time 1-2 weeks (if out of stock + 1-2 weeks)


Innovation to the Tradition of Kanazawa Gold Leaf


  • 1975
  • Kanazawa Gold Leaf
  • Tatsuya Asano

The haku-utsushi (gold leaf-shifting) process of creating crafts, where gold leaf is placed on a leather board, cut to a standard size using a bamboo frame, and then placed between sheets of handmade paper


Creating a Market for "Kanazawa Gold Leaf Crafts"

When HAKUICHI was founded, gold leaf was only considered a material that was used for crafts made in other areas.

In order to enable the accessible use of "Kanazawa Gold Leaf," which was a material applied in art works, HAKUICHI created a market for "Kanazawa Gold Leaf Crafts."

Later, while travelling across Japan to introduce Kanazawa Gold Leaf to a wider range of people, it gained recognition locally in Kanazawa and was able to develop into the local industry it is today.

As a crafts company, we take great care in making each and every one of our crafts by hand, despite the expansion of mechanization and mass production, and the development of new technologies.

We do this out of our belief that in traditional industries, traditional beauty lies in what is expressed by one’s hand technique.

Going forward, we will show the world the charm of Kanazawa Gold Leaf by continuing our traditional techniques, as well as developing new skills and blending them with tradition.

The haku-hari (gold leaf-gilding) process of creating crafts, where gold leaf is gilded over crafts such as pottery and vessels.


Collaborating With Other Companies in Different Industries

Depending on how they are used, Kanazawa Gold Leaf Crafts, which are made wholeheartedly by our artisans, are able to be serve a wide variety of functions, from facilitating traditional Japanese hospitality to complementing modern tableware.

Also, HAKUICHI is collaborating with other companies in different industries as we are be able to gain opportunities to create new techniques and new ways of expressing gold leaf through working with new industries.

By tackling new fields going forward, we would like to make technical innovations and expand the future of the tradition that is Kanazawa Gold Leaf.

An "oboroduki bowl," the representative product of HAKUICHI

For Customers

A Special Feeling Created by Traditional Beauty

What makes Kanazawa Gold Leaf splendid is the special feeling it creates with its traditional beauty.

The traditional beauty of gold leaf has charmed people since ancient times, as exhibited by its use as a symbol of power and a luxury item.

It is something that we hope will be used not only in upscale arts and crafts but also in all aspect of daily life, so as to enrich the lifestyles and cultures of many people.

This enrichment does not come from the reduction in the price of products and services, but is created by making a deep impression.

As the first company to use Kanazawa Gold Leaf to create Kanazawa Gold Leaf Crafts, we take pride in our name "HAKUICHI,” and will continue to work on our craftmanship, with the ambition to always enjoy new challenges proactively.


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