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Kyo Kiwami Kyo KiwamiKyo Kiwami

With the desire to make Nishijin-ori and Japanese patterns more familiar, we have developed an elegant bag that matches both clothes and Japanese clothes, using original Japanese patterns.

The Qinghai wave pattern means "courage to overcome rough waves", the checkered pattern means "life with feet on the ground", and the zigzag pattern means "passion to fly to the world".

We combined these three traditional patterns to create an original Japanese pattern with the wish that "people all over the world will be happy."

We aimed for a simple and timeless design so that people of all ages can enjoy it!

Enjoy the tradition of Nishijin-ori.


Manufacturer Kyo Kiwami
Country of origin Kyoto, Japan
Technique Nishijin Textiles
Material Nishijin weave (silk), polyester, water repellent finish
Size H7.48" * W10.23" * D5.11"(H19.0*W26.0*D13.0cm)
Weight 0.83 lbs(375g)
Capacity 0 oz(ml)
Electronic Equipment
Delivery Time 1-2 weeks (if out of stock + 1-2 weeks)


Nishijin Textiles more closely

Kyo Kiwami

  • 2006
  • Nishijin Textiles


Kyoto's first kimono specialty boutique

Since its establishment, we have consistently set up a store in Kyoto as a specialty shop that will sell kimono in Kyoto and Kyo-arai (washing kimono) for wearing kimono forever.

In addition, we opened a boutique specializing in kimono for the first time in Kyoto, and we continue to propose to customers so that we can wear kimono easily.


Nishijin Textiles × Creative Japanese pattern

While I treat Kimono kimonos consistently, I am paying attention to Japanese patterns.

The more we learned about the innovative design of Japanese pattern, the meaning included in the design, I was fascinated by the depth of Japanese pattern.

Therefore, by combining a plurality of traditional Japanese patterns, I have repeatedly studied whether it is possible to develop an original creative Japanese pattern.

From the left in the above figure, the Seigaiha pattern is "the courage to overcome the waves", the Ichimatu pattern is "the life with legs on the ground", and the Chidori pattern means "the passion flapping the world".

I designed this original Japanese pattern with the wish of combining these three traditional patterns "I hope people around the world will be happy." I am proud that I was able to create an original pattern that is simple and tiring.

And in order to use it for more customers, I developed a bag that matches clothes or even Japanese clothes, and named it "和 'g" (Wagg).

We will propose Nishijin Textiles and Japanese patterns more closely, and products that can be used everyday.

For Customers

Stick to Made in Japan

Nishijin Textiles, of course, all the canvas used for goods other than kimono stuck to made in Japan.

Although not limited to Nishijin Textiles, the dyeing industry in Japan has been scattered all over the country since the 1970s due to bankruptcy due to a decline in demand accompanying westernization of lifestyle and discontinuation, followed by lack of successor, etc.

Then, the situation is very severe.

However, we will continue to develop and propose new products so that Nishijin Textiles can be used easily and everyday so that Nishijin Textiles will be more familiar to customers without losing such a tough situation To go.

How Japanese Products Can Be Such High Quality