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SHAKUNONE Tatsuhiro Syakumoto
Tatsuhiro Syakumoto

Domestic silk up to the lining of the tie! That is the proof of a luxury tie!

The luxurious use of domestic silk gives it a surprisingly smooth and moist texture.

In addition, the expression has a glossy and high-quality luster, giving it an adult atmosphere.

Get a luxurious tie that combines visuals and functionality.

This item is recommended as a souvenir for Halle's Day and as a reward for yourself.


Manufacturer SHAKUNONE
Country of origin Okayama Prefecture, Japan
Technique Japanese silk
Material 100% silk
Size full length 56.29", wider part 3.14"(大剣幅8.0, 全長143.0cm)
Weight 0.44 lbs(200g)
Capacity 0 oz(ml)
Electronic Equipment
Delivery Time 1-2 weeks (if out of stock + 1-2 weeks)
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Gentlemen's tied up symbol of nobility


  • 1968
  • Made in Japan Silk fabric
  • Tatsuhiro Syakumoto
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A little factory brand with strong-presence

I launched this brand of necktie, SHAKUNONE, in 1968 in Okayama prefecture. We used to undertake a variety of products, but decided to focus on necktie production in 2006. We thought of fully utilizing our know-hows and skills accumulated up until then to manufacture high-quality ties. Our brand was highly praised by its quality and well-made finishing touch of the products, enabled by 100% hand-made by our skilled craftsmen. In order to listen to the customers' voices and feedbacks more directly, we officially became a brand SHAKUNONE in 2015.

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Always the quality first.

Never allowing ourselves to compromise on the quality, we therefore never stop improving on our sewing techniques. With the use of one of the most luxurious silk, we are proud of the high-quality ties delivered to our customers.

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For Customers

Greatest servant tied on your neck

There are several items to enhance gentlemens attractiveness: suits, shoes, belts, wallets, watches, and more. However, above all these items, neckties are what give the others the most impression. Nowadays, ties are not worn as often as the past years. Yet, as its primary purpose of making men look attractive always on our mind, we craftsmen make neckties, one-by-one, with complete hand made processes. Our ultimate goal has been, and will always be, to deliver ties that reinforce the attractiveness of each of you gentlemen.

How Japanese Products Can Be Such High Quality