[Chopsticks] Lacquer Octagon 21.5cm | Wakasa Lacquerware

[Chopsticks] Lacquer Octagon 21.5cm | Wakasa Lacquerware

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MATSUKAN Kiyoshi Matsumoto Kiyoshi Matsumoto

High-class chopsticks carefully made by Wakasa nuribasi craftsmen one by one!

Because it is something that you can eat every day, we want you to use safe and secure chopsticks that use only domestic natural materials.

Chopsticks are a lucky charm, so they are also recommended as gifts for Halle's Day.


Chopsticks: bridge connecting people


  • 1922
  • Chopsticks
  • Kiyoshi Matsumoto


Continuous challenge and innovation

Matsukan was founded in 1922 in Ohama city, Fukui prefecture.

Ohama city has always been a production center of Wakasa-painted chopsticks with a history of over 400 years; even now, 80% of the chopsticks produced in Japan are Wakasa-painted chopsticks made in Ohama city.

Ever since the foundation, we try to preserve and protect the traditional skills of making chopsticks, while constantly challenging ourselves to develop innovative designed ones that suit the modern lifestyles.

These days, we worked together with other traditional craftsmen and successfully reprinted the long-vanished historical design from about 200 years ago.

We also collaborate with Naoki Sato, one of the "100 Japanese respected by the world", and his design studio NENDO.

With such collaboration to make chemical reactions happen, we always strive to develop new products.


Our products are the finest: made with the best materials and craftsmanship

Since chopsticks are what's being used everyday for the purpose of eating, we stick to 100% hand-craft, making each piece, one-by-one with full of our hearts.

The beautiful unique pattern and sparkle of Wakasa-painted chopsticks are created through the process of sharpening the lacquer which has a confined shell inside.

Such painted chopsticks are smooth and comfortable to use, yet beautiful; used properly, they last 10 or 20 years with the best condition.

For Customers

To deliver "tastyl" chopsticks to your table

Japanese culture and chopsticks are inseparable; from the very first time of eating with chopsticks to more decades to come.

As a necessary item on tables in Japan, we wish to deliver "tastefulness" through our chopsticks.

Our products are both for you to use for a long time, and for your significant others, bringing joy and tastefulness to tables.


Manufacturer MATSUKAN
Country of origin Fukui Prefecture, Japan
Technique Wakasa Lacquerware
Material Natural wood (maple), lacquered
Size (About) L: 8.46(21.5cm)
Weight 0.04 lbs(20g)
Capacity 0 oz(ml)
Electronic Equipment
Delivery Time 1~2 weeks (if out of stock + 1~2 weeks) *The delivery time may be extended due to COVID-19.


Available to all over the world (EMS or FedEx)


100% compensation for damage during delivery


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