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Maehara Koei Shoten


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Peter Nogami
Maehara umbrella are quite expensive but everything to the packaging are the best. When you use t...

Wonderful service. I ordered but wanted another. Emailed a Kawasaki San. Very nice and helped with the additional order.

I am delighted that you wrote such a nice review!!
The umbrella you bought is expensive but really great, so I am glad that you understood the quality of the umbrella and bought it.
We have many other wonderful Japanese products, so please feel free to contact us if you are looking for something else.

With all my heart,

Product Description

Maehara Koei Shoten Shinji MaeharaShinji Maehara

A lightweight, large format carbon fiber type that is particular about lightness and size.

The middle bar uses old-fashioned oak to reduce the weight while retaining the texture.

The size with an open umbrella that exceeds 110 cm in diameter is recommended for tall people and those who usually carry a lot of luggage.

The plain fabric is simple yet glossy, and the material at hand changes the atmosphere.

Enjoy the expression by combining basic hands, unique hands, and your favorite materials.


Manufacturer Maehara Koei Shoten
Country of origin Tokyo, Japan
Technique Tokyo Umbrella
Material Rib: 16 bones (carbon), fabric: 100% polyester, middle bar: oak
Size φ44.48" * 42.91", Bones: 65(畳んだ長さ: 94, 開いた直径: 113, 親骨: 65cm)
Weight 1.06 lbs(480g)
Capacity 0 oz(ml)
Electronic Equipment
Note Includes handle decoration tassel (wooden bunch) and umbrella bag
Delivery Time 1-2 weeks (if out of stock + 1-2 weeks)


Luxurious and high-quality umbrellas

Maehara Koei Shoten

  • 1948
  • Tokyo Umbrella
  • Shinji Maehara


Perfectly suited t your taste

The origin of our brand dates back to 1948, when my grandfather, Mitsuhana Maehara, opened the umbrella store in Taito-ward, Tokyo.

Back then, the umbrella industry had a rule that each company belonged to the bigger group and made a licenced product under.

Mitsuhana, when he decided to open his own umbrella brand, he wanted to make it unprecedented, manufacturing umbrellas that are completely different from the other brands.

Since then, we make unique and high-quality umbrellas that you probably have never seen before.


You will be convinced why our umbrellas are used by the imperial family

We manufacture each umbrella based on multiple precise calculations, figuring out the best design for practical usages.

Hence, our umbrellas are user-friendly, yet maintain the elegant and luxurious appearance both when opened and closed.

Light-weight and robust structure are enabled by the selected material of oak tree, which is known by its softness and rustproof characteristic, making the umbrellas to be durable for long years.

Such techniques and materials are the secret of our products' durability and the quality, that are assured by the imperial family.

For customers

Please feel the ultimate integration of our craftsmens' works

We believe that the four "humans" contained in the Chinese character describing umbrella (There are four 人 (humans) in 傘 (umbrella)) represent the four major steps of manufacturing processes: cloth, bone structure, handles, and adjustment.

We believe that our umbrella is the ultimate integration of skills and techniques passed down through generations, from craftsmens' hands to hands.

Not only to prevent you from getting wet on rainy days, but also to dress you up, we hope our umbrellas can bring colors and joy to your days.


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