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OKANO Hirokazu OkanoHirokazu Okano

A 100% silk tie with a three-dimensional effect.

The quality was recognized and it was selected as a gift for Japan at the G20.

The pattern of the tie is a modern redesign of the traditional motif inherited from Hakata-ori since 1241.

~ Color ~
"Blue" is intellectual, calm, and sincere, "Red" is passion and behavior, "Gray" is mature, calm, and adult, and "Black" is sophisticated.・ Gives the impression of being cool and masculine. It's fun to choose the pattern and color depending on the recipient.


Manufacturer OKANO
Country of origin Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan
Technique Hakata Textiles
Material 100% silk
Size 3.14" * 57.08"(剣幅:8.0, 全長:145.0cm)
Weight 0.11 lbs(50g)
Capacity 0 oz(ml)
Electronic Equipment
Note Since it is woven and hand-sewn by bias cutting, there are individual differences.
Delivery Time 1-2 weeks (if out of stock + 1-2 weeks)


"Knot" and "pattern", tie that conveys culture


  • 1897
  • Hakata Textiles
  • Hirokazu Okano


Japan's oldest silk fabric Hakata-ori tradition

We were founded in Fukuoka in 1897 as Hakata Orimoto, and inherit the technology of the traditional craft "Hakata Ori", which is said to be the oldest silk fabric in Japan, which was born 2000 years ago.

As an orimoto of Hakata, which has continued for 123 years since its establishment, we are taking on the challenge of manufacturing that is not bound by preconceived ideas, based on the corporate philosophy of "warp threads, traditional weft threads, and adventurous spirit." p>

Since ancient times, kimono has been a culture that conveys "knots" and "patterns." p>

The "knot" is a ritual that calls for auspiciousness, and the "pattern" contains a prayer for peace.

Therefore, Hakata-ori tie brand "Eri Yui" was born, which conveys traditional Japanese culture with patterns.


Elegant luster and three-dimensional effect of silk

Collar Yui is a fabric that brings out the best luster and softness of silk by combining the Hakata-ori techniques that we have cultivated, and is hand-sewn one by one by one of the best sewing craftsmen in Japan.


Because it is handmade, the knot will have a fluffy three-dimensional effect, and the elegant luster of 100% silk will beautifully and luxuriously color your collar.

Please pay attention to the meanings and wishes of each pattern.

For Customers

Communicating traditional Japanese culture to the future

Collar Yui imagines the scene of "Knot" that comes to various milestones in life, and puts that character in the brand name.

Also, for the special box that wraps the tie, we adopted a cocoon-inspired cocoon, inspired by the paulownia that originally stored the kimono and the cocoon that produces silk, which is the raw material for Hakata-ori.


A tie with various messages created by patterns is an important "knot" for both the giver and the recipient in various "knot" scenes that exist in life such as business and weddings.

It will create a memory.

Please feel the warmth and warmth that you can never make with mass-produced products by wearing a "collar-tie" tie.

And let's convey the important traditional Japanese culture in the pattern to the future.


2016 114th Hakata Ori Review Committee Prime Minister's Award p>

2017 61st New Hakata Ori Exhibition Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Award p>

2019 G20 Finance Minister and Central Bank Governor's Summit Memorial Goods