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Modern and stylish faceted glass! Once you add it to your dining lineup, it will give you a more mature impression. With a capacity of 350ml, it is an attractive size that is easy to use for your daily evening drinks. Its solid thickness and strength are also key points for ease of use.

Old glasses born from the Edo faceting technique

Glass Features 1

Old glasses born from the Edo faceting technique

Edo faceting is a glass craft produced in Tokyo from the end of the Edo period to the present. The cutting produced by craftsmen's hands enhances the beauty of the glass.

We want people to choose a glass that matches what they drink and eat. These special glasses were created with this in mind, and are a stylish and colorful addition to your dining table.

Glass is one of the easiest items of tableware to incorporate into daily life. We recommend that you welcome a glass made by traditional handcrafts as a special tableware.

Edo faceting with checkered design inspired by plants

Glass Features 2

Plant-inspired checkerboard design

The faceted design is created by cutting the glass. This old glass has a checkerboard pattern. However, if you look closely, you will see not only squares, but also circles and squares alternating in a regular pattern.

This design was inspired by the mysterious world of plant cells when magnified. The circular design softens the impression and makes the glass shine more beautifully.

Edo faceted glass with a mature atmosphere that can be coordinated with any outfit.

Glass Features 3

No matter how you coordinate! Glass with a mature atmosphere

This very modern-looking glass is a traditional faceted glass, but it is also easy to match with any table setting.

The individuality of the glass will stand out more when paired with simple Western tableware, and it will become a powerful presence on the table when paired with china or other sturdy Japanese tableware. Once added to the dining lineup, it is wonderful that it gives a more mature impression.

The simple and sophisticated design with only black as the only color used allows you to choose what you want to wear with it.

Moderate height and ample capacity! Edo faceted glass to be used for various purposes

Glass Details

Good height and plenty of capacity! A glass to be used for various purposes.

Old glass is officially called old fashioned glass. It is characterized by its wide mouth and low profile, and is used for drinking whiskey or other beverages on the rocks with large ice cubes.

The size of this glass is approximately 9 cm in diameter at the top and 10 cm in height, and while many old glasses have a sloping shape, this glass is easy to hold due to its moderate height and slightly wider shape toward the top, making it easy to use even when it is heavy with alcohol.

It has a capacity of 350ml, which is plenty for an old glass. You can enjoy a variety of drinks and alcoholic beverages other than on the rocks. Faceted glasses tend to be used for special occasions, but this glass is an item that should be used in everyday life.

Luxurious Edo faceted glass is a great gift idea!

give a gift of a glass

Luxury overflows! Also recommended as a gift!

The Edo faceted glass arrives in a special black box with a luxurious feel. Therefore, we recommend this product as a gift for people who like to drink or are particular about tableware.

A small pamphlet explaining the products in the series and an instruction manual for handling the products are included with the product. The pamphlet is written in English as well as Japanese, so it will make a great gift for a foreigner.

BECOS offers many original wrapping designs using Japanese paper, furoshiki, and other uniquely Japanese materials. If you are unable to hand-deliver the gift in person, we also offer the service of typing the text you wish to convey on a message card. Please make your gift a thoughtful one, thinking of the smile on the recipient's face when he or she holds it in his or her hand.


KIMOTO GLASSWARE Seiichi KimotoSeiichi Kimoto

It is a modern Edo Kiriko glass covered with jet black.

When you enlarge the cells of a plant, you can see a mysterious world that is regularly arranged like a checkered pattern.

With that in mind, we designed it as a polished ball in a checkered pattern.

Enjoy traditional Edo Kiriko and modern technology black glass, an item that suits your modern lifestyle.


Country of origin Tokyo, Japan
Technique Edo Cut Glass
Material Soda glass
Size φ3.54" * H3.93"(φ9.0*H10.0cm)
Weight 0.51 lbs(230g)
Capacity 11.83 oz(350ml)
Electronic Equipment Microwave oven : X Dishwashing machine : X Direct fire : X IH : X Oven : X,
Delivery Time 1-2 weeks (if out of stock + 1-2 weeks)

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