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UTO Tamazawa (UTO Plant Manager)
Tamazawa (UTO Plant Manager)

This oversized authentic cashmere stole features a two-toned framed pattern.

The two shades of gray are an easy-to-coordinate color combination.

Skilled craftsmen take time and effort to knit each piece to make it as soft as possible, gently airing it out to give it an enchanting touch.

We call this "heirloom cashmere" and hope you will enjoy it for a long time.

The cashmere undergoes strict inspections by testing institutions to ensure its quality.

Enjoy a warm moment enveloped in the light, heavenly touch of this stole.

It is the perfect gift to yourself as a fashion accent, or for an elegant person who appreciates the finer things in life.


Manufacturer UTO
Country of origin Tokyo, Japan
Technique CASHMERE Knitwear
Material Cashmere
Size W31.5 * D78.74 in. (W80 * D200cm)
Weight 0.51 lbs(230g)
Capacity 0 oz(ml)
Electronic Equipment Washing: Water temperature below 30℃ & neutral detergent & strong rubbing x
Note Storage: Insect repellent required.
Store in a well-ventilated place out of direct sunlight.
Delivery Time 1-2 weeks (if out of stock + 1-2 weeks)


Michinoku craftsmen for high quality


  • 1992
  • CASHMERE Knitwear
  • Toshikazu Uto


Become a cashmere knitwear specialist

UTO is a brand specialising in cashmere knitwear, founded in 1992 in Minami Aoyama, Tokyo.

It is one of the few manufacturers in the world that plan, manufacture and sell cashmere knitwear in Japan, and it is rare in the world that it is custom-made to order.

I was originally involved in the travel industry and organised and guided research tours to London, Paris and Milan for people in the knitwear industry.

This led me to work for a knitwear manufacturer, where I was introduced to cashmere.

I was fascinated by its lightness and softness and was completely captivated by it.

While touring overseas factories, I learnt about different production methods and ways of thinking, and founded a knitwear brand with the aim of providing highly sensitive knitwear as a base for high fashion.

In 2011, the company moved its own factory to Kitakami City, Iwate Prefecture, which is blessed with nature, including rivers and springs.

Supported by skilled craftsmen, the company has become a cashmere specialist.


Pursuing a light, warm, and melting texture

UTO has specialized in cashmere and knitwear for over 20 years.

Our greatest strength is our factory, which is blessed with nature such as the Kitakami River and spring water, and our dedicated craftsmen who work with cashmere all year round to produce the best cashmere knitwear.

In the knit industry, where the division of labor is the norm, the UTO factory is responsible for the entire process in-house.

Every process requires knowledge and skill, but more than that, it is a job that demands diligence and tenacity.

We have accumulated our know-how through years of research there.

Cashmere is the hair of cashmere goats grown in extreme cold and heat, and is a top quality fiber with attractive lightness, heat retention, and luster.

Among these, UTO uses the "highest grade 100% cashmere yarn" obtained from cashmere grown in a harsher environment.

We thoroughly pursued the material, texture, and feel of the yarn to create the "Angel Scarf/Stole" knitted with 100% cashmere.

The neck is the most sensitive part of the body, so we knit the yarn as softly as possible so that it contains air, resulting in a fluffy, soft, and superbly comfortable feel.

Furthermore, by passing water through the knitted knit and carefully bringing out the hairs that were introduced during the spinning process to the surface, and then taking the time and effort to dry it naturally, we have created a knit scarf/stall that is so warm and light that you will forget you are wearing it, with a meltingly soft texture.


For Customers

The finest cashmere knitwear that grows with love

Knitted from the finest cashmere raw wool, each piece is carefully and painstakingly knitted by highly skilled craftsmen, resulting in knitwear that is fluffy and feels great against the skin.

Unlike mass-produced items, the skill, time, and sincerity of the knitting process result in a superb product that warms the body and soul.

And we want our customers to use them for a long time, washing them repeatedly, to make them even fluffier and more moist to the touch.

We hope you will take our "washable cashmere" and "nurturing cashmere", which have been best sellers for more than 20 years, in your hands and experience them for yourself.

The simple design makes it suitable for everyday use as well as a gift for your loved ones.


2018 recognised by the Association for Enterprise Value

2022 30-year development merit award from the Kitakami Municipal Government

How Japanese Products Can Be Such High Quality

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