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【Sake Cup (Sakazuki)】Japanese Ceramics, Koryu Tenmoku | Kyo & Kiyomizu Ware | Touan
【Sake Cup (Sakazuki)】Japanese Ceramics, Koryu Tenmoku | Kyo & Kiyomizu Ware | Touan

【Sake Cup (Sakazuki)】Japanese Ceramics, Koryu Tenmoku | Kyo & Kiyomizu Ware | Touan

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黄瀧=Yellow waterfall

This is one of pottery made in Kyoto, Japan.YohenTenmoku tea cup is still unclear how to make it, it is enveloped in a mystery.It is the work of the whole body which YohenTenmoku tea bowl that such modern ceramic artist reproduced.You may drink sake, drink tea, or decorate it as an interior. Depending on the viewing angle and the angle at which the light strikes, it changes various expressions, so it will be a gem that will never get tired.

More Information
More Information
Shop by Brand Touan | Kyoto ware (porcelain)
Product ID S0001-053
Product Name 【Sake Cup (Sakazuki)】Japanese Ceramics, Koryu Tenmoku | Kyo & Kiyomizu Ware | Touan
Traditional Technique Kyo Ware・ Kiyomizu Ware
Capacity 5.75 oz,
Measuring Φ3.35" * H1.77"
Product Weight 100g
Country of Manufacture Japan
Remark pottery / ceramics (Hand wash recommendation) Microwave oven : X Dishwashing machine : X Direct fire : X IH : X Oven : X
About Creator & Maker



Technological Innovation in Kiyomizu Ware


  • 1922
  • Kyoto Ware・Kiyomizu Ware
  • Yoshiaki Dobuchi

Touan in Higashiyama Sueizumi Temple in Kyoto



Four generations of kiln

The current owner is the fourth generation since its founding. Brilliant colored glaze characterizing Touan's work is based on a unique glaze that has been independently developed and developed, making it an excellent technology that others can not follow. In addition, the design centered on the flower is lined with a definite drawing skill, and hits the hearts of the viewer with rich expressive power. In recent years, we have gained praise for interior decorative items etc. that caught market needs accurately.

Production of Kiyomizu Ware



Proprietary high fire glaze technology

Many of the brilliant paints used for ceramics are generally colored with a method of applying a glaze, drawing a pattern with upper paint on the main baked ceramics and baking it at a low temperature of about 800 ° C. (with a top print) However, in Toan for more than thirty years ago, we continued research and development focusing on the technique (underpainting) to apply a picture first on a ceramic substrate and glaze over it and bake it at a high temperature above 1200 ° C It was. Undercoating is said to be difficult because it burns at high fire, it is said that it is difficult to produce various colors, but pursuing a combination of pigment and glaze which vividly develops color even at high temperature makes it almost transparent like a glass coat It made color expression possible. Pottery's high fire glaze technology is a work that confidently confidence that you will not lose anywhere.

How to paint

For Customers


Enjoy the glitter

While inheriting the tradition of Kyoto and Kiyomizu Ware, we constantly work on technological innovation and continue making works that draw a line with other Kyoto and Kiyomizu ware. Please enjoy the glow of glaze for your hands.

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