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【Bottle Holder】Japanese Samurai Armor, Bottle Armor mini Yukimura Sanada | Yoroi | Tadayasu

【Bottle Holder】Japanese Samurai Armor, Bottle Armor mini Yukimura Sanada | Yoroi | Tadayasu

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Bottle armor can be used by covering bottles and wine bottles of sake.  

Bottle armor produced by masterpieces is packed with traditional Japanese technology.Please enjoy your favorite sake while thinking about the battle of Sengoku warriors by bottle armor.  

As a treasure of your own, as well as a bottle armor that will be the treasure of a lifetime, put your thought on birthday celebration and adult celebration, 60th birthday, retirement age celebration, retirement celebration, company establishment celebration and prosperity prayer, birthday celebration and health prayer, It is recommended to present to children as gifts for loved ones, such as celebrations.

More Information
More Information
Shop by Brand Tadayasu | Samurai armor
Product ID S0002-006
Product Name 【Bottle Holder】Japanese Samurai Armor, Bottle Armor mini Yukimura Sanada | Yoroi | Tadayasu
Traditional Technique Armor
Capacity For 750ml bottle
Measuring D5.51" * W7.87" * H14.57",
Product Weight 550g
Country of Manufacture Japan
About Creator & Maker

Sanada Yukimura 's first success is famous for the legend of Sanada Tsuyoshi including Sarutobi Sasuke, Kirisame Takashi etc. The real name was called "Shinto", it was born as the second son of Shinano Ueda castle and Masayuki Sanada. My father Masayuki is a person who was described as "a person who is inexpressible from the front" by Toyotomi Hideyoshi, who has survived the age of warring States with small daimyo relied only on his own talent. Yukimura is taken hostage to the Uesugi and Toyotomi family for the Sanada family.   When the battle of Sekigahara occurs in 1600, Masayuki and Yukimura will arrive at the West Army of Ishida Mitsunari. On September 5, the same year, Masako Sanada got 38,000 of the Tokugawa Hidetada army rushing through Nakasendo and rushed to Sekigahara, finally gave a big battle saying to delay the arrival to the main battlefield.


At the team of Osaka Natsu, the Sanada Army is a small soldier, attacking Ieyasu's Honjin, and it is said that Ieyasu was ready for self-suffering due to the seriousness of the Sanada Army. It was destroyed by the tactics of fighting the horse racing god of Date Masamune while fighting the long-sized jersey on the ground, "Kanto force is one million and it seems that there is no man" While ridding the Tokugawa army, he ridden a horse and seems to have withdrawn gradually.   Sanada Yukimura's armor with such a legend is elaborately miniaturized as a "bottle armor". Please enjoy your favorite liquor while thinking about the battle of the men who ran through the battle field.


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