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【Cup】Japanese Ceramics, Golden | Ceramist | Koichi Fujioka

【Cup】Japanese Ceramics, Golden | Ceramist | Koichi Fujioka

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This is a work by ceramist, Koichi Fujioka. It is a cup that is easy to fit in hand. It looks like metal, but it is very light as it is porcelain. After rocking with potter's wheel, it scrapes the surface manually, and its scraping trace is attractive. The expression changes according to the degree of the light. It shapes the part of the mouthpiece into a natural curve, it is very easy to drink. Please put your favorite drink and have a wonderful time.Works of Mr. Koichi Fujioka can only be purchased by BECOS.

More Information
More Information
Shop by Brand Koichi Fujioka | Ceramist
Product ID S0004-002
Product Name 【Cup】Japanese Ceramics, Golden | Ceramist | Koichi Fujioka
Traditional Technique Ceramist
Measuring Φ2.76" * H2.95",
Product Weight 140g
Country of Manufacture Japan
Remark porcelain (Hand wash recommendation) Microwave oven : X Dishwashing machine : X Direct fire : X IH : X Oven : X
About Creator & Maker


proudly independent Ceramist

Koichi Fujioka

  • 2005
  • Ceramist
  • Koichi Fujioka

won the "Best Award" at the 23rd Tableware Festival


Ceramics is my true calling

In 1976, I was born in Himeji city, Hyogo prefecture.Before becoming a potter, I was employed by a company that conducts electrical maintenance and interior construction, and I was in a position that has nothing to do with the world of ceramics and crafts.

I was fascinated by the depth of pottery in a pottery experience class that happened to participate.

I decided to become a ceramic artist right away, and began making pottery from 2003.I took the vocational training center and the arts school nationwide, but because I was not allowed to enroll at all schools, I will continue my work by myself while making a living by part-time job.Since then, I decided to do pottery by self taught, and in 2005 I established my own workshop when I got the pottery class kiln that I went through and reached the present.

Drinking mouth is smooth to the taste good


For ten years, I continued to work both on pottery and part-time job

Since establishing my own workshop, I have won an award for various exhibitions and exhibitions.However, I could not live as a potter, and continued to work alone for a single person while working part-time to earn minimum living expenses.Even in lonely civilian life, the feelings and passion for the pottery never faded.And, in October 2014, after 10 years since the start of making ceramic work by self study, finally the "Sunset glow series" was completed.

In January 2015 immediately after that, won the "Best Award" at the 23rd Tableware Festival, it became a potter who finally attracted attention.

At the moment when the "Sunset glow series" is completed just right, it has released a completely different light from the one we have produced so far, and the moment I opened the lid of the kiln, I felt that 10 years' time was rewarded .

"Freezing" series with beautiful white

For Customers

Meet people through artwork

I did not go to a vocational training center, I did not go to a vocational college of ceramics, and while there was no teacher asking for teaching, I continued my pottery.What I have been able to keep going on so far is that my happiness in life is to make people happy through my favorite pottery.I myself have been making each piece while having fun and having lived both part time jobs and crocheting for 10 years, but I was forced to quit giving up as a pottery artist, trying to quit my workmanship There is nothing I thought.

It is one of my greatest pleasures to encounter various people through my work, for me who has done everything self-taught and making living creativity.

For customers who have picked up my work, if you enjoy meals and drinking seats even a bit more than usual, it will be exhausted as a ceramist.


2008 Asahi Ceramics Exhibition · Biamaag Lankai Winner, Tottori Grand Prix Excellence Award Winning the 2009 Kobe Biennale
2010 bowl Grand Prix Excellence Award、2011 Grand Prix Grand Prix winner prize, Japanese craft exhibition · Kobe Biennale · Contemporary tea pottery exhibition winner
2012 Biamaag Lankai selected
2013 Japan Craft Exhibition Encouragement Prize, Kobe Biennale · Takaoka Craft Exhibition Winner、Celebration in
2014 Craft · International Ceramic Festival MINO · Itami International Craft Exhibition · Soba Inoguchi Art Competition Exhibition
2015 Tableware Festival Best Award Winner, 44th Long-a-Season Award Tokoname Ceramics Exhibition Nagaso Award, 23rd Japan Ceramics Exhibition · 3rd Ceramic Exhibition · 8th Contemporary Tea Ceramic Exhibition Winning
2018 Tableware Festival Jury Prize Award

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