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【Candle】Japanese Candle, Tiger (100 momme) | Candles & Art | Nakamura Candle
【Candle】Japanese Candle, Tiger (100 momme) | Candles & Art | Nakamura Candle

【Candle】Japanese Candle, Tiger (100 momme) | Candles & Art | Nakamura Candle

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It is a powerful gem that Kyoto painted handwritten tigers into a large candle of 100monme. As a Japanese interior, please use as a gift to those who took care of us.

This Japanese candle uses all vegetable ingredients and handmade one by one by craftsmen. Because of that, because there is little oil smoke and soot, it does not pollute the room compared to a Western candle.

Also, the biggest characteristic of Japanese candles is its unique way of burning. Because the core of the cavity is in, it creates a flow of air, so the flames are greatly slowly shaking, creating a mysterious and emotional atmosphere. Also, flames that shake fluttering in windless places will not disappear with some wind.

Therefore, the flame of the Japanese candle gives out the wave which is close to "1 / f fluctuation" which is the same as the person's heartbeat interval, train shake, sound of the babble of the stream, light of the fireflies, healing music, etc. The lamp If you are looking at you will have a relaxing mind.


1momme  : 3.75 g

Burning time : about 9 hours

Material   : Japan wax wax which is the raw material of traditional Japanese candles

Included     : candlesticks made of Kitayama cedar, paulownia boxed


It takes about a month to produce for special orders.

More Information
More Information
Shop by Brand Nakamura Candle | Candles
Product ID S0005-003
Product Name 【Candle】Japanese Candle, Tiger (100 momme) | Candles & Art | Nakamura Candle
Traditional Technique Japanese Candle
Measuring H21.97",
Product Weight 375g
Country of Manufacture Japan
About Creator & Maker

Japanese candles have vermillion and white ones. In general white is used for daily light, funeral, legal requirement up to the third anniversary. Vermillion is used when you make a wish to report a happy thing to your ancestors such as Bonin Lecture, New Year's Day, Bon Festival, Year Opinion, Legal Requirements. If you use the fire altar at the altar, you can use the white color up to the seventh time, you can use vermillion after that. Hand-drawn picture When painting a candle with a candle or flower picture on a Buddhist altar (when not putting on fire), since the picture candle is a substitute for flowers, even if you decorate either vermillion or white color It's okay.  



It is possible to create custom made to match your favorite picture, text, company logo etc according to customer's request. Since it is possible to respond to various sizes of candles, please contact us from the "inquiry page". We have received many requests not only for corporate promotional materials and souvenirs but also "I want you to paint the face of dearly-cherished people and pets." Please use Japanese candles for a more heartfelt dedication.

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