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【Candle】Japanese Candle, Heavenly bamboo (15 momme) | Candles & Art | Nakamura Candle

【Candle】Japanese Candle, Heavenly bamboo (15 momme) | Candles & Art | Nakamura Candle

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This is a lovely candle hand painted Heavenly bamboo by painters in Kyoto. As a Japanese interior, please use it as a gift to those who took care of us.

This Japanese candle uses all vegetable ingredients and handmade one by one by craftsmen. Because of that, because there is little oil smoke and soot, it does not pollute the room compared to a Western candle.

Also, the biggest characteristic of Japanese candles is its unique way of burning. Because the core of the cavity is in, it creates a flow of air, so the flames are greatly slowly shaking, creating a mysterious and emotional atmosphere. Also, flames that shake fluttering in windless places will not disappear with some wind.

Therefore, the flame of the Japanese candle gives out the wave which is close to "1 / f fluctuation" which is the same as the person's heartbeat interval, train shake, sound of the babble of the stream, light of the fireflies, healing music, etc. The lamp If you are looking at you will have a relaxing mind.


1momme  : 3.75 g

Burning time : about 2 hour 30 minutes

Material   : Nuca Wax

Included     : paper box


Please choose your favorite color.

More Information
More Information
Shop by Brand Nakamura Candle | Candles
Product ID S0005-045
Product Name 【Candle】Japanese Candle, Heavenly bamboo (15 momme) | Candles & Art | Nakamura Candle
Traditional Technique Japanese Candle
Measuring 6.49",
Product Weight 60g
Country of Manufacture Japan
About Creator & Maker

Usage notes・Product features

Japanese candle has two kinds of vermillion and white. Generally, white is used for daily light, funeral, legal requirement up to the third anniversary. Vermillion is supposed to be used when you make a wish when reporting happy things to your ancestors such as Bonin Lecture, New Year's Day, Bon Festival, Year Opinion, Legal Requirements.

Therefore, if you use the fire altar at your altar, use white color until the seventh time, after that, use vermilion things. However, as in this product, when decorating Japanese candles with paintings and Japanese candles with flowers drawn on their altar (in case of not lighting fire), the picture candle becomes a substitute for flowers So it is not a problem even if you decorate either vermillion or white color.



It is possible to create custom made to match your favorite picture, text, company logo etc according to customer's request. Since it is possible to respond to various sizes of candles, please contact us from the "inquiry page". We have received many requests not only for corporate promotional materials and souvenirs but also "I want you to paint the face of dearly-cherished people and pets." Please use Japanese candles for a more heartfelt dedication.


125 years since its foundation, to inherit Japanese candles to the future

Nakamura Candle

  • 1887
  • Japanese・Kyoto Candle

Perform painting by hand one by one


Cultivate raw gauze

For more than 125 years since our establishment, we have continued to make products with Japanese · Kyoto candle. Japanese · Kyoto candle has been used for Buddhist work since ancient times, but the demand is decreasing at present due to the spread of inexpensive western candles.

In addition, the harsh situation continued, such as a decrease in the fruit of a 櫨 (haze) which is a raw material of Japanese candle.So, Nakamura Candle is actively involved in various activities in order to connect the Japanese · Kyoto candle to the next generation, such as participating in a project to cultivate 櫨 (haze) and developing fancy Japanese-style candle with fragrance We are working on.

Warm candle light gently warming light


One by one, stick to handmade

The biggest difference between Japanese candles and Western candles is in raw materials. Whereas Western candle uses petroleum raw materials, the raw materials of Japanese candles are all vegetable. Therefore, it can be said that it is environmentally friendly candle with less oil smoke.

Unlike Western candle, the Japanese candle characterized by less hot water and a big beautiful flame is made from "grape goby". Actually, the production farmer of the grape juice now only left a house in Wakayama prefecture.

Since it can not be supplied stably in this way, it became a flow to cultivate in Kyoto city.

It takes 3 to 4 years for haze itself to bear fruit, and there are food damage such as deer, so for the time being, to procure fruits from other prefecture for the time being, to ask guidance to farmers in Wakayama prefecture Although it will become, the purpose is to make it possible to produce local products locally.

Candle Production

For Customers

"1 / f fluctuation" heals you

The light of Japanese candle made from vegetable raw materials, compared to Western candle, It is a dark orange color. This is because vegetable wax has a lower melting point than petroleum system, so it will be gentle warm light that is visible to the eyes.

In addition, Japanese candles emit "1 / f fluctuation" that gives us comfort, as well as the interval between people's heartbeat, train shaking, sound of babbling of the stream, light of fireflies, healing music I will. Please feel the wave of "1 / f fluctuation" not in Western candle with the flame of Japanese・Kyoto candle.

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