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【Ring】Japanese Ceramics, Saskia Diez Ring DRAKE RING NO.2 (WhiteGold Dots) | Arita & Imari ware | 2016/

【Ring】Japanese Ceramics, Saskia Diez Ring DRAKE RING NO.2 (WhiteGold Dots) | Arita & Imari ware | 2016/

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Elegant ring with scales motif (white / gold dot)
It is a ring of porcelain, inspired by scales which is a traditional Japanese pattern. It is a delicate calculated design, complementing the simplicity and elegance of an adult female at your fingertips. Contrast of shiny white and gold dots is a beautiful item.

More Information
More Information
Shop by Brand 2016/ | Arita
Product ID S0007-072
Product Name 【Ring】Japanese Ceramics, Saskia Diez Ring DRAKE RING NO.2 (WhiteGold Dots) | Arita & Imari ware | 2016/
Traditional Technique Arita Ware
Measuring φ0.71" H0.41",
Product Weight 6g/0.01 lbs
Country of Manufacture Japan
Remark porcelain (Hand wash recommendation) Microwave oven : 〇 Dishwashing machine : 〇 Direct fire : X IH : X Oven : X 
About Creator & Maker


Arita ware jewelry using scales

Saskia Diez

2016 collection Saskia Diez produced by HATAMAN TOUEN 2_Photography Kenta Hasegawa


German-based jewellery designer Saskia Diez has designed a porcelain jewellery range based on the ubiquitous Japanese design motif of scales. Various motifs exist and are commonly evident in Japanese design including fish (notably carp), dragon and serpent scales, each imparting its own symbolic meaning, for example, dragon scales imply wisdom and virtue, whereas carp scales signify determination and bravery. These symbolic ornaments and motifs abundant in Japan all contain their own deep meaning, however in the realm of jewellery design no such rich legacy exists as yet, a fact Diez is looking to address with her new series. While still employing a contemporary design in her jewellery range, she is keen that the motifs also articulate a deeper, hidden meaning.


After studying to be a goldsmith and then industrial design, Diez worked at various design studios before setting up her own. Her focus is on jewelry. Diez’ works play with cultural references and display influences of art, fashion and industrial design, reflecting the zeitgeist without being overtly trend-driven. On the decision to pursue jewelry design specifically Diez says; ‘What fascinated me is how jewelry functioned, what jewelry makes of us. Jewelry is such an old theme, the need to adorn one’s self, it’s as old as mankind.’ Diez studies how jewelry sits on the body, how it moves, and explores production processes, including using recycled gold and silver, at her Munich studio.

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