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【Wrapping Cloth & Furoshiki】Japanese Cloth, Spectacular (Plain weave 96cm) | Super Water Repellent | Asakura Senpu

【Wrapping Cloth & Furoshiki】Japanese Cloth, Spectacular (Plain weave 96cm) | Super Water Repellent | Asakura Senpu

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It is one of the series of super water repellent wrapping cloth "Nagare". Super water repellent finish realized "wrapping not to get wet". As an alternative to eco bag, in case of sudden rain, it is not used as an umbrella, it will not stuff again, so you can use it as a scarf or knees.


· Received Good Design Award (2011), Red dot design award (2013)

· How to use wrapping cloth, please watch a movie


Create the design for various kind of Japanese flowers to poppy patterns. Big and small flowers are overlapping each other which makes this pattern very splendid like a color palette.

More Information
More Information
Shop by Brand Asakura Senpu | Super water repellent
Product ID S0008-005
Product Name 【Wrapping Cloth & Furoshiki】Japanese Cloth, Spectacular (Plain weave 96cm) | Super Water Repellent | Asakura Senpu
Traditional Technique Dyeing Process
Measuring 37.79" * 37.79",
Product Weight 145g
Country of Manufacture Japan
About Creator & Maker



Traditional Japanese Furoshiki (wrapping cloth) × Innovation (Water-repellent)

Asakura Senpu

  • 1892
  • Dyeing process



Top runner in dyeing processing in Japan

Since its foundation in 1892, we have consistently maintained dyeing and processing as a founder. We have been doing dyeing processing of materials for swimming and clothing materials that are also used in top athletes active in the world. We will continue to challenge the development of new products of our own and aim to be a company that is useful for rich life culture.



Add water repellent finish to Furoshiki (Wrapping cloth) which just wrapped

A wrapping cloth with water repellency enough to carry water. We manufacture with reliable processing technology originating from Japan that does not deteriorate even after repeating 50 times of washing. If you put one piece in the bag, you can use it for umbrella at sudden rain, bag cover, stole, lap blanket etc.

For Customers


Expanding the possibilities of Furoshiki (wrapping cloth)

The addition of water repellent processing to the Furoshiki (wrapping cloth) , which is a traditional Japanese culture, new possibilities have expanded "Water repellent Furoshiki ( wrapping cloth)". We would be pleased if you could use it not only as a wrapping cloth but also as a convenient cloth that repels water, for a wide range of customers.



2011 Good Design Award · Small and Medium Enterprise Agency Director General · Red dot Design Special Award. It is classical, it is evaluated that the Furoshiki (wrapping cloth) which was used only for the purpose of wrapping things was subjected to water repellent finishing, and the point that the application of wrapping cloth was developed epochally was appreciated.

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