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【Tie & Bow Tie】Japanese Fashion, CONCETRO (black) | Takaoka Lacquer Ware | Social Design

【Tie & Bow Tie】Japanese Fashion, CONCETRO (black) | Takaoka Lacquer Ware | Social Design

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It is a lacquered bow tie (bow tie), which is a lacquered lacquer carefully painted many times, dried and finished each time. With a unique coloration of gloss reduced lacquer, directs the neck. The strap uses Nishijin Textiles material which won the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry award. Weaving the finest silk thread luxuriously, it features a distinctive shiny feel and texture. It is 15 grams, very light and has no discomfort even as it is attached all day. It comes with a plastic case that is convenient to carry and can be used at a party at the destination. Manufacture of a bow tie is handled by Kotaro Kunimoto of "Lacquerware Kunibito" located in Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture, which is famous as the place of production of lacquer ware. Takaoka has a division of labor for each process, such as wooden areas, painting and decoration, and is a city full of creative activities. Logo design is due to Mr. GUIDO SCARABOTTOLO who also handles illustration of Italy's New York Times. Please enjoy CONCERTO which collaboration of "shakai design" which is the planning company, "takaoka lacquerware" of lacquerware manufacturing company, collaboration of "lacquerware" and "Nishijin Textiles" folded over.

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More Information
Shop by Brand CONCERTO | Takaoka lacquer ware
Product ID S0011-002
Product Name 【Tie & Bow Tie】Japanese Fashion, CONCETRO (black) | Takaoka Lacquer Ware | Social Design
Traditional Technique Takaoka Lacquerware
Measuring Tie: 4.61" * 1.69" * 0.59", Strap : 12.99" ~ 19.69",
Product Weight 0.5 oz
Country of Manufacture Japan
Remark 漆器 手洗い:○,
About Creator & Maker


Lacquer and Nishijin Textiles Concerto

Social Design Co., Ltd. × Takaoka Lacquer Ware Co., Ltd.

  • Takaoka Lacquer Ware


A collaboration between a long-established company with a founding 100 years and a manufacturing company

Takaoka Lacquer Ware Co., Ltd. In 1909 as Otsubo Shokai Co., Ltd., founded in Takaoka City Sakurababa (now Takaoka Ekimae). In 1919 I changed the company name to Takaoka Lacquerware Company Co., Ltd., and strengthened the domestic sales of Takaoka lacquerware and expanded the business. In 1969 changed the current name to Takaoka Lacquerware Co., Ltd. Social Design Co., Ltd. Established in 2010. We participate in projects such as Hiroshima Prefectural Government (Sea Road Project), Cabinet Secretariat Intellectual Property Strategy Promotion Secretariat (JAPAN NEXT Campaign), and from 2014 "Handicraft Club" promoting Japanese traditional crafts to the world We started the service.


Collaboration between Takaoka Lacquer Ware and Nishijin Textiles

The head of a bow tie is carefully hand crafted by craftworkers such as wood land and paint one by one in division of labor. It is made of collaboration of the production areas of two traditional industries, Takaoka Lacquer Ware and Nishijin Textiles

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Feel the lacquer culture

We would be very happy if you could feel the Japanese lacquer culture along with nature from the products made with traditional techniques.

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