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【Hair Accessories & Kanzashi】Japanese Fashion, KAGASEO | Gold Leaf | Yahiro works

【Hair Accessories & Kanzashi】Japanese Fashion, KAGASEO | Gold Leaf | Yahiro works

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More Information
Shop by Brand Yahiro works | Gold leaf
Product ID S0014-003
Product Name 【Hair Accessories & Kanzashi】Japanese Fashion, KAGASEO | Gold Leaf | Yahiro works
Measuring Φ0.79" × 5.91",
Product Weight 100g
Country of Manufacture Japan
About Creator & Maker



"Lucky charm" that can be used anytime


  • 2016
  • Odamaki / Kanazawa Metal Leaf
  • Kaori Nishimura



From my grandfather I inherited the knowledge of "Manufacturing"

I graduated from Kyoto Art and Design University in 2009 and since then I have been engaged in traditional craft industry as a craftworker of Kyoto Yuzen Dyeing. As a craftworker of Kyoto Yuzen Dyeing, I saw the problem of the successor faced by Japanese traditional industries and the decline in demand due to the change in lifestyle, "I can not survive without product development capability and sales force in future times" I realized that. So I changed my mind, I moved to a venture company that develops traditional crafts products and sells the Internet and learned the know-how of product creation. And in 2016, we set up a new company with the goal of "revitalizing Japanese traditional craft industry through manufacturing". At that time, I inherited the name of the iron workshop "八廣製作所 (Yahiro works)" which my grandfather used to start up, and made it the company name "八尋製作所 (Yahiro works)". My grandfather was already deceased but my grandfather was born in Hachibe-gun, Hachibu-gun, Tottori Prefecture, a person who loves kanji "Hachi (八)". "八 (hachi)" is an auspicious kanji that is "Good luck spreads", meaning "spreading" also in "尋 (hiro)". "八廣 (Yahiro)" is an ironworks factory and the field is different from traditional crafting, but I felt that I chose the way of manufacturing was influenced by a great-grandfather who was a grandfather and a painter, I inherited the name "八尋 (Yahiro)". I would like to explore the way of manufacturing, so that we can touch the baton of manufacturing making the grandfather inherited from my grandfather to the next generation.



Interestingness of "Lucky charm" which put "meaning" in each one

This "KAGASEO Kanzashi" series developed this time is a product that combines the gorgeous gilt craft technique and silk Oda roll. It can be adapted to coordination of casual play clothes. Golden leaf has been used for luck as an luck for a long time, as a Buddhist tool and a sacred tool. "Cotton pearl" which gave such luxurious gold leaf gives a noble and beautiful sparkle. Cotton pearl, Kyoto craftworkers who inherited the traditional techniques, carefully stamped one by one. In addition, the silk shine is beautiful, Oda roll which has been used for kimono has a single thread wound in a circle regularly without breaks. Therefore, "Lucky charm" is said to be "Lucky goes on" because you do not know the start and end of the thread. In addition, the circle is a form representing the universe and harmony in the world of Zen. As well as how to make and shape, like this "Lucky charm" is put in the meaning, so it is a gem that is very pleased as well as being used for yourself as well as for your own use. By bringing one color used for kimonos and clothes around your face, you can beautifully summarize the overall coordination, so please choose your favorite color by all means.

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Feel the charm of Kyoto, the charm of traditional Japanese crafts

Kyoto is a city of Japanese culture and is also a city of traditional crafts of Japan that has supported the culture. Many craftsmen hold a workshop in the town and craftworkers of the same industry gather in the area, so it is common to see that it is a place name as it is. However, at present, the number of craftworkers continues to decrease due to a decrease in demand due to a change in lifestyle, departure from religion, culture separation, traditional crafts itself is declining. Many Japanese people have come to witness that culture is easily broken, such as tatami room, pottery dishes, kimono, etc. I like kimono, learn dyeing and fascination with the world of crafting, and I am producing products for exciting such traditional craft industry. By all means, please get the item of "Lucky charm I make" in hand, please fully appreciate the charm of Kyoto, the charm of traditional Japanese crafts.

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