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【Bowl & Small Cup】Japanese Glassware, Irodori Mizu (1 bowl & 1 cup) | Edo Glass | Tomi Glass

【Bowl & Small Cup】Japanese Glassware, Irodori Mizu (1 bowl & 1 cup) | Edo Glass | Tomi Glass

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Edo Glass "Iroidori" series is a handmade glass coloring the theme "Coloring Summer".It is a product born in a long-established glass factory and collaboration with Tomi Glass, featuring handmade unique taste and cool colors.I'd like to serve cold items such as somen, soba and salad, and feel cool down on a hot summer day.

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More Information
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Product ID S0016-0013
Product Name 【Bowl & Small Cup】Japanese Glassware, Irodori Mizu (1 bowl & 1 cup) | Edo Glass | Tomi Glass
Traditional Technique Edo Glass
Measuring Large bowl:8.2"× 2.9" small cup:8.2"× 2.9"
Product Weight Large bowl:28oz  small cup:8.8oz
Country of Manufacture Japan
About Creator & Maker



Glass stuck with craftmanship handmade

Tomi Glass

  • 1948
  • Edo Glass
  • Art Direction: Anna Okanami, Design: Anna Anna, Isayo Hara



Glass processing know-how accumulated for over 70 years

In 1948, "Tomi Glass Co., Ltd." was established in Koto Ward, Tokyo, and since its founding, we have been exporting and importing glass products, planning and developing original products. After the end of World War II, founder learned English at night and started English trading with overseas "Tomi Glass" is starting. At the time of its founding, we sell glass perfume bottles to India and the USA. Export items at the time became very popular in partnership with the American high-end jewelry shops and famous department stores. After that, we switched the sales destination to Japan, continued to develop products that make use of the know-how of glass processing, we continue dealing with general shops and department stores sticking to the design.



"Tomi CRAFT" merged with a long-established glass workshop with a 100-year history

From this collaboration with Edo Glass Studio "Iwasawa Glass" which has a 100-year history this time, we released a brand "Tomi CRAFT" sticking to handmade and made in Japan. It is handmade glass made by a craftsman who has colored "Ukiyo" in the Edo period in contemporary style. The brand "Tomi CRAFT" that sticks to Made in Japan each produced an image of an ornate event such as cherry-blossom viewing, fireworks, summer festivals, etc. It makes the table vivid and cool in the dining room.

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Features of handmade

These glass products made by Tokyo Kozo designated traditional crafts "Edo Glass", Kiln Iwasawa Glass, are preserved under the supervision of traditional craftsmen, keeping the recipe of the Edo period, making handmade one by one. Because it is handmade one by one, all the expressions are different, it is a feature not found in products mass-produced by machines. Please enjoy the feature which appears because it is handmade.

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