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【Daruma doll】Japanese Dolls, Nishijin Pink | Edo Kimekomi | Kakinuma Japanese doll

【Daruma doll】Japanese Dolls, Nishijin Pink | Edo Kimekomi | Kakinuma Japanese doll

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Nishijin Textiles * Edo-Kimekomi
Pink means "love" and "kindness", and it is a popular color that is effective for the "love of luck" and "family satisfaction".
Perfect gift, love fulfillment, good wishes, baby gifts, wedding gifts!

More Information
More Information
Shop by Brand Kakinuma Ningyo | Edo kimekomi
Product ID S0021-079
Product Name 【Daruma doll】Japanese Dolls, Nishijin Pink | Edo Kimekomi | Kakinuma Japanese doll
Traditional Technique Edo Arts Doll
Measuring H4.53" * W3.93" * D3.74"
Product Weight 0.33 lbs / 150g
Country of Manufacture Japan
Remark Material: Kimono fabric, Urethane resin
About Creator & Maker


Change Edo Art Dolls from "for events" to "for everyday use"

Kakinuma Dolls

  • 1950
  • Edo Art Dolls
  • Toko Kakinuma


More than 60 years keeping making Edo Art Dolls

Founded in Tokyo in 1950, it is a company that manufactures festival dolls using Edo Art Dolls. Second generation Kakinuma Toko shifted the workshop to Koshigaya-city, Saitama prefecture, now more than 30 craftsmen are making dolls. Kakinuma Toko who is also a traditional craftsman is constantly searching for new and creative dolls, despite the track record of shining honor as a result of doll making. "Lucky cat", which began manufacturing around 1995, is a product that makes use of Edo Art Dolls manufacturing technology and is very popular. In 2016, under the cool Japan policy promoted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, it was chosen as "The Wonder 500" (an excellent regional product that Japan should be proud of which is not known in the world yet).


Continue to make products that only Kakinuma Toza can

Looking to 10 years, 20 years and ahead, we try to make products that customers love long. For "lucky cat", I use Nishijin textile and Italian fabric, "KIMEKOMI TRAY" is processing Aizu painting, and collaboration with domestic and foreign production areas. By positively collaborating with other traditional technologies and industries, we are trying to create a style that was not in traditional doll making. In addition, the Feng Shui series of "lucky cat" is particularly popular as a gift. As red color is disease-free, gold color soaks luck, Peach brings good luck, each color has its own meaning, so please select lucky cat with your wishes for those who are gifts .

For Customers

Aiming for products that are worth more than price

As it is said that "technology is continuous of innovation", we will always try to make new products by utilizing the technology we have cultivated up to now. As we strive to make products everyday with the aim of "products that are worth more than the price", please pick up products and realize the high quality of unique handmade by craftsmen. I would like to know many people about Edo Art Dolls and I will continue my new challenge by dreaming of the word "Edo Art Dolls (KIMEKOMI)", not only in Japan, but also from overseas.

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