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【Kimono & Yukata】Japanese Kimono, Hana Tsubomi | Kyoto Yuzen Dyeing | Gekkosya

【Kimono & Yukata】Japanese Kimono, Hana Tsubomi | Kyoto Yuzen Dyeing | Gekkosya

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English name 【baby's breath】 It has a wonderful name of baby 's breath - a yukata which motifs with garnet grass as its motif. The flower language of haze grass is "innocent". The color scheme that is suitable for adult women who can enjoy matching with the lady has become a dyed feel that makes me feel moist summer in Japan. The chic light that shines is a silver color foil processing that colors mushroom grass, and it shines like a moon with the way of light.

In Japan's summer, I adopted Theo alpha fabric of "quick-dry · sweat" glad when it is hot and humid. Because it is a polyester material, not only can wash at home, but also material hard to wrinkle, almost no ironing required. Not only as a yukata, but also you can dress like a casual summer komon in conjunction with the dyed belts. In the summer evening party party, at the festival, try looking through the sleeve in a summer kimono with cool winds.

More Information
More Information
Shop by Brand Hana Tsubomi | Kyoto yuzen dyeing
Product ID S0023-001
Product Name 【Kimono & Yukata】Japanese Kimono, Hana Tsubomi | Kyoto Yuzen Dyeing | Gekkosya
Traditional Technique Kyoto Yuzen Dyeing
Measuring Height 59.05" ~ 64.96",
Product Weight 17.6 oz
Country of Manufacture Japan
Remark 素材:ポリエステル(自宅で洗濯が可能、シワになりにくくアイロンがけも少なくて済みます)
About Creator & Maker



Family happy times through kimono


  • 2016
  • Kyoto Yuzen Dyeing
  • Kayo Nohara

Kimono design



Dispatch Japanese culture to the world

I would like to transmit Kyoto's "good things, high quality things" to the world as a key player of Japanese traditional culture including Kyo Yuzen and tell it to the next generation. Gekkosya is a company launched in 2016 with such wishes. As its own products, we manufacture the original Kyoto Yuzen, Japanese kimono accessories, Yukata and other products around Kimono. In addition, we are doing sightseeing guides in Kyoto to convey Japanese traditional culture and history towards Japan and abroad. We will continue our proposal to delight our customers with the philosophy of "directing happy times of families through Kimono, delivering beautiful Japanese culture to the world and succeeding to the next generation".



The old and new form of Yukata

In 2018, I started a new brand "flower bud - hanatsubomi -" with the desire to expand the possibilities of kimono. Proposing materials and patterns that are familiar to modern people who are far from kimono, thinking to inherit kimono to the next generation, thinking "to be harmony and to be ocean" offers a new form of dress and kimono I will. As the old and new form of Yukata, it corresponds to remodeling and tailoring. Dyeing is all hand printing in Kyoto, and it is commitment to incorporate the essence of hand-painted Yuzen into mold dyeing. Based on the concept of "a story surrounding a yukata", he develops pattern development that can be enjoyed with parents and children. Also, "I want you to cherish good things for a long time" From such thought Children's Yukata is a design that can be tailored according to your growth.

For Customers


"Connect" people and people's faces

Connect a story of love from parent to child. Connect traditional technology from master to disciple. Connect cultures from the past to the future. We are making kimono while thinking "connecting" day by day. Through the kimono we will continue to help you make happy times for your family.

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